Compare Kitchen Remodeling and Repair Cost Estimates

The kitchen is likely where you spend most of your time, and likewise… most of the money for remodeling and repairs around your home. Between appliances, the sink and faucet, and just about every other area or feature that makes the kitchen a busy place, we’ll help you estimate the cost for replacement, repairs or remodeling.

new dishwasher from lowes being installed
Dishwasher Replacement and Installation Cost $325 - 750, Installed The average installation cost of a dishwasher is around $320 for a basic built-in dishwasher and
Large Ceramic Tile Flooring being Installed at Cost
How Much Does Ceramic Tile Flooring Cost? $6.25 - $16.00 / Sqft Installed The cost range to install ceramic tile floor is between $6.25 to
ceramic tile removal cost during bathroom renovation
How Much Does Ceramic Tile Removal Cost? $4.15 Per square Foot The cost to have ceramic tile removed from floors or walls in your home
concrete counters in modern kitchen
Concrete Countertop Costs $95 - $110 / Sqft Installed The average cost for concrete countertops is $105 per square foot, with installation and supplies. The
kitchen sink garbage disposal
Garbage Disposal Replacement Installation Cost Average DIY $120 Average Pro $310 Installed Typical Range $220 - $335 Low End $50 (DIY) High End $525 (Pro)
natural gas appliance
The cost to have a natural gas appliance installed or connected to the gas line by a local plumber is around $150-$200. This includes connection
light granite countertop costs in kitchen
How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost? $68 - $90 Per Square Foot Installed The estimated cost to install slab granite countertops is between $44 to
new chrome kitchen faucet
Kitchen Faucet Replacement Cost $225 Installed The average cost to install a new kitchen sink faucet is around $110 for DIY faucet replacement. If hiring
Compare Marble Countertop Costs
Compare Marble Countertops Cost $81 Per Square Foot Installed The average marble countertop cost is $81 per square foot. Your costs might be as low
microwave installed above the stove
The average cost to install a microwave above the stove is $215 plus the cost of the appliance. This does not include any cabinetry or
kitchen sink replaced with farm sink
The cost to replace a kitchen sink is around $450 to $800 for most popular sink styles, including installation. High-end or custom sink replacement can
modern kitchen with pot filler over stove
A pot filler faucet above your stove costs between $475 to $1,100 to have the most popular styles installed, with a total price range of
new kitchen quartz countertops
How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost? $65 - $85 Per Square Foot Installed The cost range for quartz countertops with installation is $65 to $85
compare soapstone countertop costs and installation
Compare Soapstone Countertop Costs $95 / Square Foot Installed The estimated cost to install soapstone countertops ranges from $75 to $125 per square foot, including
new tile floor in upscale kitchen
The average cost to have a flooring professional install a ceramic tile kitchen floor in your home is $1,800 or $12 per square foot. This
new kitchen tile backsplash cost square foot installed
Costs for Ceramic Tile Backsplash $28.85 / Square Foot Installed The average tile backsplash cost is about $28.85/sqft for professional installation. The full range is