How Much Does a Sump Pump Cost?

$450, Installed

The cost to have a sump pump installed or replaced vary based on needs. If it’s a new unit, there are extra costs like the basin, electrical, plumbing, etc. When replacing a broken sump pump with a new one, the cost is around $450, assuming everything else stays the same.

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Get Free Plumbing Advice, Repair or Installation Quotes

Average Cost of Sump Pump Installation

The average sump pump replacement cost is around $200 for DIY installation, replacing only the sump pump and connecting to existing pipes, electricity, and using the basin in place. Professional installation of a sump pump, new sump basin, and related installation supplies is around $450.

Average Do It Yourself cost
Average Contractor Installed Cost
Typical Cost Range
$180 – $600
Last Updated: Thursday, September 30, 2021

Overview of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are installed in basements or crawl spaces as a way to pump water out of the area and prevent flooding. If you have water in your basement or want to prevent water damaging your basement, then installing a sump pump is one of the most effective ways to avoid costly damage. Many basements in wet areas or with a high water table already have a sump pump installed, but these need to be replaced every 10 or so years to ensure that they can properly pump the water out.

This page of Costimates focuses on the cost to install a sump pump in your basement. We’ll go over the average prices of sump pumps, as well as the supplies needed, and then break down the different factors that will affect the overall cost of this project. We’ll also cover the cost to replace a sump pump if you already have one in place. At the end of the article we’ll share average pricing to hire a professional to do the job, and costs shared by other homeowners or Pros who have completed the job at their home.

Product and Supplies Cost Details

Retail Sump Pump Cost Factors

The cost to buy a new sump pump will vary greatly depending on the type of drainage in the basement or crawl space of your home. The following factors should be considered in estimating the approximate cost of the project:

  • Drainage System – The biggest factor in pricing for sump pump installations depends on whether or not the area already has a drainage system in place. A basement french drain around the interior perimeter of your basement walls works with the sump pump and is generally required for this to be an effective solution for removing water. If you already have a drainage system in place, your costs will be much lower. For the purpose of this page, we’re focused on replacing an existing pump that has failed or is old, versus installing a new drain system with a sump pump.
  • Condition and Size of the Sump Basin Well – While almost all sump basins are now made of heavy plastic, they may still need to be replaced when you replace a sump pump.
  • Type of Floor – Basements with gravel or dirt floors will be much easier to install a sump pump, as you do not need to drill through concrete.
  • Type of Sump Pump – Whether you need a pedestal or submersible sump pump will determine the initial retail cost. Pedestal pumps tend to be lower in cost due to the motor not being submerged.
  • Sump Pump Capacity – The distance you need to pump the water will determine the strength of the sump pump that is required.
  • Quality of Sump Pump – You’ll find a wide range of quality in sump pumps. Cheaper sump pumps, in the $40-$75 range are made out of plastic and are prone to shorter life span and repeated failure. More expensive sump pumps made with steel casings and stronger motors tend to last longer in extreme conditions.

Cost of Installation Supplies

The cost of a new sump pump is just one of the factors that will go into the overall cost of this project. The supplies listed below cover the cost of installing a sump pump if you already have a drainage system in place.

  • $125 – $500 | Sump Pump – Cost depends on the flow rating and quality of materials.
  • $70 – $110 | Sump Basin – A sump basin looks like a trash can and is installed below the floor and the sump pump is placed inside. As the basin fills, the sump pump pushes the water out through the drainage pipes.
  • $15 – $25 | PVC Pipe – PVC Pipe is installed into the pump and runs water to the outside of the home or into existing drainage lines.

Permits, Inspection, and Sump Pump Installation Costs

Since installing a sump pump in your basement will require both plumbing and electrical work, you may need a permit. Check your local laws on sump pump installation to determine if this project will require a permit or inspection.

  • $50 – $200 ea. | Local permits (if required).

Installation Labor Factors

Installing or replacing a sump pump in your basement can be very labor intensive, as sump pumps are placed below the surface of your floor and may require drilling through concrete and digging a hole large enough to fit a sump basin.

  • Type of installation– If you are installing a new sump pump, as opposed to replacing, you will need to drill through your flooring and dig out a hole large enough to install a sump pump. This will require not only the labor of digging but also removing the excess dirt from the basement. Replacing an old sump pump will be much simpler but may still require you to go through any type of flooring that has been installed on top of the surface.
  • Drainage system – Many modern basements are already built with a tile-drainage system or a french drain. If you plan on installing a sump pump in an area that has no drainage system you can expect your costs to significantly increase, as you are essentially combining 2 projects. Installing a drainage system and a sump pump together requires digging a trench to drain water around the perimeter and then the sump pump installation.
  • Location of Installation – A sump pump being installed in a crawl space may be less appealing, as labor requires you to crawl below the crawl space and do the work, but it can be less expensive due to crawl spaces typically having a dirt floor and therefore easier to dig through. Installing a sump pump in a basement usually requires drilling through concrete and could require partial tear down and refinishing of a finished basement as well.

Average Cost Examples

  • $300 – $600 – Replacement sump pump – The cost to replace a sump pump is the best case scenario. If you already have a sump pump in place and don’t mind doing the work yourself, you can get away with just the cost of supplies and a few hours of manual labor. You can also hire somebody to do the job for under $800 in most cases.
  • $625 – $1,200Installation of a new sump pump without a drainage system – If you already have a drainage system in place or are installing a sump pump in a low-lying area that is prone to collecting water, you can expect to spend anywhere between $600 and $1,200 to have a sump pump installed. This includes the excavation and removal of dirt, the drilling through concrete, installing power to the area and the cost of supplies/labor.
  • $1,200 – $4,000+ – Installing a new sump pump and interior drainage system – The most expensive sump pump installation is when your situation requires a drainage system and sump pump. This type of installation is the best way to prevent moisture from being a problem and is ideal for a finished basement area.

Completed Installation Time

  • 1 – 2 Hours | It should take an experienced plumber under 2 hours to replace your old sump pump in most cases.
  • 4 – 6 Hours | If the installation location is in a crawl space or other tight area, and the basin, plumbing pipes, or the electrical needs to be altered, it will take longer.
  • 1 – 2 Days | If you need a drainage system and sump pump installed together, the time of labor will dramatically increase from a simple replacement. Expect this to be a 1-2 day job for a professional.

DIY or Hire a Pro


This is really a question that you have to answer yourself, by knowing not only what you’re looking at, but your own skill set. If the pump is hard-wired to electricity, or the plumbing looks to be more complicated than you want to deal with, hiring a plumber to do this will cost a bit more up front, but save you a bunch of headaches in the long run.

  • Plan to get wet and dirty as you disassemble plumbing pipes and get to the bottom of the sump barrel.
  • Be comfortable with electricity and the safeguards of working around water.
  • You need to know how to handle some basic plumbing of PVC pipe or other typical drain lines.

I haven’t had the need to install a sump pump in 30 years. The last time I did it, it was a pretty straight-forward project and took about 1-2 hours to complete.

Sump Pump Peplacement is a DIY Project for Most Handy Homeowners, Myself Included.  What do You Think?

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