Retractable Awning Prices and Installation Costs

$650 – $1,800, Installed

The average cost of a retractable awning is $360 for non-motorized, 12 foot DIY units. The average cost of the same motorized retractable awning is $1,485 installed by a Pro. All cost factors are detailed below.
Average DIY
Average Pro
Typical Range
$650 – $1,800
Low End
$220 (DIY)
High End
$12,500 (Pro)
Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How Much does it Cost to Install a Retractable Awning?

$225 – $550
Average Cost Estimate
$650 – $1,800
$2,800 – $12,500
Retail Cost $180 – $400 $450 – $1,780 $2,350 – $10,500
Width Up to 12′ 12′ – 16′ 15′ – 20′
Motorized Not Likely Yes or No Yes
Frame Standard Standard or Premium Standard or Premium
Fabric Woven or Laminated Woven or Laminated Woven
Cover None or Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl or Aluminum
Brand Quality Up to 3 Stars 3 or 4 Stars 4 or 5 Stars
Extras None 1 or 2 1 – 3
Installed By DIY DIY or Pro Pro

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Overview of Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning over your deck or patio creates a more comfortable setting in both sunny and inclement weather. Your options are manual and motorized retractable awnings, and they are available in a variety of sizes to fit your space, or custom made to your exact specifications, to fit an exact area.

This Costimate explains all cost factors, so you will have a clear idea of what your retractable awning cost will be.

Prices are broken down into awnings and installation labor, and we make a recommendation about whether installing a retractable awning is DIY-friendly. Retractable patio/deck awning prices from other estimate sites are listed for comparison.

Product Cost Details

Awning Price Factors

  • Size – Most common retractable awning size ranges from about 8-14 feet wide with a 7 foot projection out from the house. The largest are about 20 feet wide with a projection of 10 to 11 feet. Sample pricing is listed below for common awning sizes.
  • Motorized vs Manual – Motorized patio awnings cost more but offer convenience at a higher cost. Manual awnings cost less and have fewer moving parts that might fail.
  • Frame Type – Frames with a metal front panel have better structural support for heavy weather, but cost $300-$500 more. Most sellers offer both types.
  • Fabrics – Woven cloth awnings cost more but last longer than laminated material.
  • Extras – Motorized awnings have feature options like timers, remotes and wind sensors that close the awning to prevent damage in high winds. Accessory costs are listed below.

Retail Price Range (Equipment Only)

These are the awning prices alone. Installation labor costs are below.

  • Manual retractable awnings pricing is between $200 – $3,850.
  • Motorized retractable awnings cost $2,550 – $5,100.

RV-style manual awnings cost $675 to $2,200, installed.


  • $40 – $60 | Awning cleaning kit with cleaner and brush
  • $80 – $100 | Wall-mounted wireless switch
  • $75 – $125 | LED light set
  • $115 – $300 | Side curtains
  • $215 – $275 | Wireless wind sensor
  • $100 – $135 | Vinyl awning cover
  • $400 – $550 | Aluminum awning hood

Permits, Inspection, and Installation Costs

  • $0 | Installation of a retractable awning does not require a permit.

Installation Labor Cost

Installation is usually a fixed price based on the size and type retractable awning.

  • $250-$400 | 2-person crew for awnings up to about 14 feet wide
  • $350 – $550 | 3-person crew for awnings wider than 14 feet

Installation Time

It’s takes 3-5 hours for a crew to install a retractable awning.

DIY or Hire a Pro


When you buy a retractable awning online, the seller will supply you with complete installation instructions. Most suggest a crew of 2 or 3 people due to the awning’s size.

The steps are simple:

  1. Unpack and check the awning and materials to be sure all parts are included
  2. Mount the bracket to the wall or fascia
  3. Lift the awning onto the bracket
  4. Secure it in place with the included bolts
  5. Manually open the awning or plug it in and check operation

Sellers also offer pro installation through a network of independent installers. They’ll set up the appointment for you or ask you to fill out a form that will be sent to the installers, who will then contact you to schedule installation.

What’s our recommendation? This is a straightforward installation that most homeowners with even limited DIY experience can do successfully.