How Much Do Glass Shower Doors and Installation Cost?

Common Range: $395 – $1,870 Installed

National Average: $1,190 Installed

Get Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Quotes
Get Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Quotes
Updated: December 1, 2022, by: Steve Hansen

Cost Range for Glass Shower Doors and Installation

The cost range to install sliding glass shower doors is between $275 for a basic set of doors and DIY installation, to $1,870 for high end frameless glass doors installed by a professional.

Average Cost

The average cost is $1,190 to have standard 60″ glass shower doors installed by a contractor near you. This price will generally include the cost of the glass doors, removal and disposal of the old shower door or rod assembly from your old shower curtain, as well as installation, alignment and cleanup once completed. The project is a single day job in most cases.

Average Do It Yourself Cost
Average Professional Installation Cost
Typical Cost Range
$395 – $1,870

new glass shower doors installed

Get Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Quotes

Get Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Quotes

Overview of Shower Doors

Replacing your old shower curtain or outdated shower doors is easily a project that can update the look of your bathroom to a more modern appearance as much as a walk-in tub or replacing old handles and shower valves with new ones . Glass shower doors, whether they are frameless, hinged, or have a minimal amount of framing to support a sliding glass door, are an affordable project that most DIY’ers can do in less than a day and for under $300. Once completed, your shower enclosure or bathtub/shower will be the envy of your neighbors!

On this page of Costimates, we’ll help you learn more about the types of glass shower doors available, as well as the retail cost variables and how they affect the prices. In addition to the product cost, we’ll help you understand glass shower door installation and costs for hiring a pro to install it for you. At the end of the page you’ll be able to compare shower door prices against other websites that offer installation information, as well as review what other homeowners like yourself have paid to have glass doors installed in their own shower.

Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Factors

There are many options when it comes to shower doors. Depending on the type of shower or tub enclosure you have in your home, the type of shower door or features you choose are going to be limited by what you already have installed.

  • Size and Shape of Opening – The most common shower door sizes are for 32″, 48″ and 60″ openings. In addition, glass shower doors can be custom made to fit any size you want if you have an irregular size shower. The general rule of thumb is this: The more glass you need, the higher the cost for a glass shower door.
  • Framed or Frameless Glass Doors – Framed doors are the more affordable type most homeowners are used to seeing. They slide from one side to the other, and are perfect for tighter space bathrooms. Frameless glass shower doors that are hinged generally cost more than sliders.
  • Type of Glass – There are a couple of different types of glass for shower doors. Frosted glass, or glass that has a finish on it to prevent a clear image on the other side is the most common found in cheaper glass shower doors. There is also clear, tempered glass that’s resistant to breakage, and easy to clean.
  • Shower Wall Configuration – If you have a fiberglass shower enclosure, it’s going to be a much easier job of drilling in to the wall for the side supports. On the other hand, if you have ceramic tile or an exotic stone surface, much more care needs to be taken to assure the installer does not crack or damage the surface of the shower walls.
Get Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Quotes

Get Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Quotes

Cost of Glass Shower Doors and Installation Supplies

Cost of Installation Supplies

Installation of glass shower doors can actually be a pretty straight forward project, depending on the type you install. A shower door kit from a retailer like Lowes or Home Depot will most often have all the hardware included, and you’ll only need a few extra supplies and tools to get the job done.

  • $10 – $25 | Drill bit(s) to anchor the glass doors.
  • $25 – $35 | Disposal of old doors.
  • $35 – $65 | Silicone sealant for bottom and sides of doors.
  • $20 – $75 | Caulking, Misc screws, fasteners, painters tape and other supplies.

Permits, Inspection, and Installation Costs

Permits and Inspection

  • $0 | Permits and inspections are not usually required on a new shower door.

Shower Door Installation Cost and Time

$160 – $320 | If you’re replacing a set of sliding glass doors in your shower, it probably won’t take more than a few hours. Aside from some exact width fitting and cutting of the door frame itself, it’s a fairly straight forward project.

$480 – $650 | Installation of a full glass shower enclosure, or a frameless glass shower door will take a bit longer. Plan on the possibility of a separate visit for precise measurement of the area, etc.

Completed Installation Time

  • 2 – 4 Hours | Easiest installation, where an old shower curtain was in place before.
  • 4 – 6 Hours | Most common installation. Remove old door, drill into ceramic tile of use existing holes, install new sliding doors and seal according.
  • 6 – 12 Hours | Larger area, or frameless shower doors with a hinged door.
Get Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Quotes

Get Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Quotes

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DIY or Hire a Pro

I’ve installed my own glass shower doors many times, and during a recent bathroom makeover we chose a mostly frameless sliding glass door kit due to space limitations. The kit was fairly easy to install and most DIY’ers could handle this project with no problem. I installed ours over ceramic tile, so a diamond tip drill was used on low speed with plenty of water to assure the tile didn’t crack during installation.

  • Heavy item – you’ll need help.
  • Make sure you have the proper tools and drills if you have ceramic tile.
  • Silicone sealant… not latex!

I consider myself a very able handyman, 8/10 on my skill level. I would not hesitate to install a sliding glass door kit as a DIY project. That said, if I was going with a frameless glass shower door setup, or a complete glass shower enclosure, I’d leave it to the pros.

Get Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Quotes

Get Glass Shower Door Installation Cost Quotes

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