How Much Does a Gas Shut-off Valve Cost?

Common Range: $400 – $650, Per Shutoff Valve

National Average: $450, Per Shutoff Valve

Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes
Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes
Updated: January 12, 2023, by: Steve Hansen

Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Range

It will generally cost between $400 to $650 to hire a plumber to install a gas line shut-off valve in an existing line. The job involves cutting the gas line and installing the valve. Depending on the setup, it might also involve reattaching a length of pipe and a fitting for whatever gas appliance or equipment is being used at the location.

Average Cost

The average cost to have a gas shutoff valve installed is $450, including parts and plumber labor. Buying the gas-main or street-view gas shut-off valve will run between $100-$300 for just the valve. The price is determined by the size of the gas pipe used and the pressure capabilities that the valve can handle. Valves for shutting off gas to an appliance are much more affordable, though installation labor rate is about the same. Labor to install a gas shut-off valve is usually an additional $150-$200, plus there are extra costs associated with miscellaneous supplies.

Average Do It Yourself Cost
$50 – $200 (Not Recommended)
Average Contractor Installed Cost
Typical Cost Average
$400 – $650

gas line shut off valve installed on furnace

Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes

Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes

Overview of Gas Shut Off Valve Installation

Gas shut off valves, also known as supply valves, are located either at the exterior of the house or just inside the home. There should also be shut-off valves in the gas line near every appliance that uses gas or propane such as a gas range, gas furnace, water heaters, gas fire pit or gas logs in a fireplace. Just to clarify, gas shut-off valves can also be known as gas shut off or gas shutoff valves. The term gas turn off valve is also used. The terms are interchangeable.

The gas shut-off valve just outside of the home near the natural gas meter is called the main valve and should have been installed by the gas company at the time the home was built or when the equipment was updated over the years. If you install a gas line to an appliance, it will most often be located withing reach of the applliance itself to make it easy to turn on and off when servicing.

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Note: Areas that are prone to earthquakes, such as California, often require a special type of gas shut-off valve called excess flow valves or EFV.  These valves are much more expensive than the typical main or appliance shut-off valves.  The price to install the excess flow valves, aka seismic gas valves, can be $500 to $1,000 or more, depending on site conditions and the ease to access the main gas line.

Gas Shutoff Valve Replacement or Installation Cost Factors

There are a few essential factors that will affect the cost to install or replace a gas shut-off valve. While we mention the DIY option, this is one of the indoor home improvement projects best left to a plumber or mechanical contractor.

  • Valve Type – This is the major factor. Main gas shut-off valves are more expensive than gas appliance shut-off valves.  Retail costs are found below. As noted, if the shut-off valve is installed in an earthquake-prone area that requires an excess flow valve or EFV, then the price will be much higher.
  • Who Installs the Valve – Installing an appliance shut off valve for a newly run gas line can be DIY if you really know what you’re doing or done by a handyman. Main valve or street side valve installation or replacement should be done by a licensed plumbing contractor.
  • Access to the Location – The ease to which a licensed plumber or a certified heating/cooling technician can access the area where the shut-off valves need to be installed factors into the cost estimate. A valve on a line running to a stand-alone fireplace in a living room, for example, will be easier to install than on in serving a water heater in a crawlspace. Appliance shut-off valves generally will take less than an hour to install, so the price can run from $75-150 for the installation labor.  Main gas shut-off valves can take two to three hours, depending on work conditions.
  • How Many Valves are Being Installed – Cost per valve drops a little when two or more valves are installed. This is because the plumber is already on site with tools and the equipment needed for the work.
  • Cost of Living – The general cost of living in your area will affect labor rates. Costs are highest on the Coasts, especially the Northeast and Northwest. Rates are lower in the middle of the country, especially in rural areas and smaller towns.
  • Whether Appliance Installation is Included – The costs listed here do not include the cost to install a gas appliance or to run a gas line to the appliance location or, of course, gas appliance costs.
Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes

Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes

Retail Gas Valve and Supplies Cost

Even if you DIY, you’ll need the gas shutoff valve and might need to buy a tool or too.

Note: We do not recommend replacing your own gas shut off valves due to the danger in working with natural gas when not installed properly.

  • $10 – $40 | Gas Appliance Shutoff Valve
  • $100 – $300 | Main Shutoff Valve – Price depends on the size of pipe that is connected to the natural gas meter.
  • $12 – $40 | 12-inch Adjustable Wrench
  • $15 – $50 | Gas Pipe Cutter
  • $3 – $6 per Roll | Teflon Pipe Tape
Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes

Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes

Permits, Inspection, Related Costs and Installation Time

Permits and Inspection Cost

  • $0 – $75 | Whether or not a permit is required is determined by the state in which the shut off valve is being installed.  Most states do not require a permit to install or replace a gas shut-off valve at an appliance location.  Always check local codes before doing this job or anything related to gas work.

Related Costs

Here are a few itemized costs related to installing a gas line shutoff valve. You might have a few of these depending on the scope of your project, and their cost are in addition to what prices for gas line installation.

  • Cost to Remove Gas Line: $6.00 – $8.00 per foot
  • Cost to Convert an Appliance for Propane: $40 – $75
  • Cost to Hook Up a Gas Appliance: $45 – $60 per appliance
  • Cost to Run Gas Line from Street to House (includes trenching, gas line installation and connections, backfilling): $700 to $1,250 for most suburban lots – more for homes set far off the road
  • Cost to Install a Free Standing Fireplace: $1,485 – $2,775
  • Cost of a Gas Line Pressure Test: $75 – $150, according to HomeGuide, and that’s a pretty accurate estimate
  • Cost to Install a Vent Flue: $650 – $950, required for many gas-burner appliances

Labor Costs and Installation Time

Plumbers or heating and cooling specialists will generally charge between $100-$300 for labor. Angie’s List suggests $200 to $350 in plumber costs; Home Advisor puts plumbing labor at about $150 to $200 plus the cost of installation supplies. See the cost factors above to narrow the range that you’re likely to pay when hiring a pro for the job.

This is a pretty straightforward, quick job, especially when the location is easy to access.

  • Up to 1 Hour | Gas Shutoff Valve Installation
Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes

Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes

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DIY or Hire a Pro?

A gas shut-off valve should be installed by a licensed plumber or heating/cooling contractor.  Code and regulations need to be followed carefully.  For example, all shut-off valves for gas appliances, such as gas stove/oven, gas dryers, and gas fireplaces must be installed within six feet of the appliance.

In our opinion, whenever gas is involved, it makes sense to hire a licensed plumber or heating/cooling contractor. They’ll install the proper valve type for the purpose it is used, ensure a secure fit and check for leaks. This is of those “safety first” home projects best left to a pro.

Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes

Get Gas Shut-off Valve Cost Quotes

Compare Costs from Leading Resources

  • HomeGuide: $200 and $600, Per Appliance, Installed
  • HomeAdvisor: $300 - $500, Per Gas Valve, Installed

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