How Much Does Garbage Disposal Replacement Cost?

Common Range: $130 – $825, Installed

National Average: $385, Installed

Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes
Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes
Updated: December 6, 2022, by: Steve Hansen

Cost Range for Garbage Disposal Installation

The cost to have a new garbage disposal professionally installed is $135 to $825, including the cost of the disposal. Most homeowners reported paying an average of $385 for replacement. Installing your own garbage disposal costs around $70 – $130, which is the cost of a mid-range disposal, assuming you already have the plumbing and electrical connections in place.

Average Cost

Average Do It Yourself Cost
Average Contractor Installed Cost
Typical Cost Range
$130 – $825

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Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes

Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes

Overview of Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal makes kitchen cleanup easier and cuts down on kitchen odors from food thrown in the trash.

This page of Costimates discusses how much a garbage disposal costs from home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes and online sellers like Amazon. Feature options are explained and how they affect the cost of a garbage disposal, sometimes called a garbage disposer.

We explore your option to DIY or call a handyman or plumber for garbage disposal installation. You might also need an electrician to install an outlet and wall switch if this is the first time your home will have a disposal.

Labor costs are listed, so you’ll know what your cost savings could be if you install the appliance.

Finally, garbage disposal installation cost comparisons are compiled from other estimating sites. Once you get a quote, you’ll be invited to return to Costimates to share the scope and cost of your project for the benefit of other readers.

Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Factors

There are just a few major factors that affect the retail price of a garbage disposal unit.

  • Motor Size – The size of the motor affects how much waste the unit can handle and also its physical size. The unit should be sized to your household. Residential garbage disposals start at 1/3 horsepower (up to 3 people). The most common sizes are 1/2 HP (3-5 people) and 3/4 HP (4-6 people). 1 HP and 1 1/4 HP units are used for very large households.
  • Motor Speed – Speeds range from about 1600 RPM on base models to 3500 RPM on premium garbage disposals. The faster the grind, the quicker the job is done.
  • Material – Garbage disposals with aluminum grind chamber and components are more affordable than those using stainless steel. However, aluminum units last 7-15 years vs. 12-18 for stainless.
  • Brand Quality – Entry-level, affordable brands with basic quality include Barracuda and Waste Maid. KitchenAid, InSinkErator, Waste King, GE, Whirlpool and Frigidaire are among the brands that make both mid-range aluminum disposals and top-quality stainless steel models.
  • Warranty – The length of garbage disposal warranties varies from 1-10 years. Most are 2-5 years. Length generally coincides with the unit’s quality, but not always.
  • Features – The range of features includes 2 or 3 grind stages, power cord included, auto-reverse to clear jams, and septic support – a small reservoir you can fill with solution that will be injected into the grind tank during grinding. The solution helps break down the food in a septic tank and leach field type system.
  • Continuous vs Batch Feed – 90% of residential garbage disposals allow for continuous feed into the unit. Batch feed garbage disposals are filled, and a lid is applied before the unit is started. They use less water and most don’t require a wall switch, but batch feed units are more expensive. Learn more about the types of garbage disposals from Bulldog Rooter.
Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes

Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes

Cost of Garbage Disposal and Installation Supplies

In order to replace your garbage disposal you’re going to need a new disposal and some basic hand, electrical and plumbing tools. It’s actually a fairly straight forward change out but you do need a basic understanding of how it all works and how to use the tools, to get it done properly.

Garbage Disposal Retail Costs

  • $65 – $140 | Basic, 1/3 HP – 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal
  • $110 – $220 | Good Quality, 1/2 – 3/4 HP Disposal
  • $190 – $410 | High Quality, 3/4 HP – 1 HP Disposal
  • $340 – $655 | Highest Quality, 1+ HP Disposal

Installation Supplies

There are a few supplies required for DIY garbage disposal replacement. If you hire a professional, these costs should be included in the estimate.

  • $0 – $30 | If you don’t have them, you might have to purchase basic tools and supplies needed for the job – a hacksaw or PVC saw, a pipe wrench, Philips screwdrivers and pipe tape to seal the connections.
  • $15 – $30 | Some units do not come with an electric plug (pigtail). It must be bought separately.
Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes

Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes

Permits and Inspection Costs, Installation Time

You won’t need a permit for direct replacement of an existing garbage disposal. Additionally, when homes are built, many builders or electricians install a plug beneath the sink and a wall switch to activate it. Even if you haven’t had a garbage disposal, the plug and switch might be in place.

If there is no plug or switch, you’ll need to hire an electrician to install them, and that requires a permit and an inspection of the work.

  • $50 – $100 | Electrical permit, if needed

Installation Labor Costs

Plumbers can supply you with the disposal and install it for a package price, usually between $135 and $525 depending on the size, features and quality of the disposal. As noted above, the average installed cost is $277.

If you purchase the unit and hire a handyman or plumber to install it, you can expect these labor charges.

  • $40-$75 | Handyman service
  • $60 – $150 | Certified plumber

If you do not have an outlet and switch in place, an electrician can install them.

  • $100 – $225 | Outlet and switch installation by a licensed electrician

Completed Installation Time

Replacement of an existing garbage disposal is a quick job for a pro.  New installations take slightly longer.

Direct replacement: This involves unplugging the old unit and disconnecting it from the sink above and the drainpipe below. The new unit is then installed, connected to the sink and drainpipe, plugged in and tested. A section of drainpipe might need to be added or cut out if the new unit is a different size than the old.

New installation: When no garbage disposal is in place, a section of the drainpipe must be cut to accommodate the unit. The disposal is then installation, plugged in and tested.

Here are common time frames:

  • 30 minutes to 1 hour | Direct Replacement
  • 1-2 hours | New Installation
  • 1-2 hours | Installation of an outlet and switch by an electrician
Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes

Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes

The kitchen is generally considered the center of the home so you should make it as comfortable and convenient as possible. Having a garbage disposal installed takes quite a bit of the cleaning duties away when rinsing dishes to be loaded in the dishwasher and makes a wonderful addition to any sink. Take a look at these related kitchen and home projects from our related cost estimates.

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DIY or Hire a Pro

Direct replacement of an existing garbage disposal is a DIY project for anyone with good skills and a willingness to get a little wet and messy. When I did the job a few years ago, it took a little more than an hour.

The unit you purchase will come with an installation manual. There’s little risk of electrical shock, but you might be more comfortable turning off power to the outlet while you switch out the unit.

Have a shallow pan and/or a thick towel in place to catch the small amount of water and food debris that might leak when the old unit is disconnected.

If you don’t have an outlet and wall switch, we recommend hiring a licensed electrician for the work. It isn’t expensive, eliminates your risk of electrocution and is the best approach to making sure installation is a success.

Of course, once the plug and switch are installed, you can tackle the installation of the garbage disposal. You’ll have the added challenge of cutting the drainpipe to make room for the disposal, but again, follow the instructions, and you’ll likely enjoy success while saving yourself the money.

Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes

Get Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Quotes

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