How Much Does it Cost to Pressure Wash a Deck?

$165 – $240

The cost to pressure wash a 500 square foot deck is between $165 and $240. The range breaks down to $0.33 to $0.48 cents per square foot. Cost to power wash decks with railings falls on the upper end of the spectrum.

Get Free Quotes for Pressure Washing in Your Area

Get Free Quotes for Pressure Washing in Your Area

Average Cost of Deck Pressure Washing and Cleaning

Homeowners typically pay about $195 for having a 500 square foot deck cleaned by a professional with a power washer. Decks with rails, stairs and other complexities cost closer to $240. Other factors are listed below.

Average Do It Yourself cost
$10 – $50 
Average Contractor Cost
$165 – $240 
Typical Cost Average
$195 or $.39  / Square Foot
Updated: November 17, 2022

pressure washing a stained wood deck

Overview of Power Washing and Deck Cleaning

Pressure washing a deck keeps it looking good year after year. More importantly for wood decks, it cleans away dirt that would otherwise prevent stain and sealer from seeping into the wood to protect it and improve its longevity.

Your options are to hire a handyman or pressure washing specialist or to DIY the job with a rented pressure washer. Pro price range is about $165 to $240 for 500 square feet of deck. Home Guide suggests a broader range of $108 to $262, while Homewyse is narrower at $185 to $226, allowing for very little difference based on cost factors.

This deck pressure washing cost estimate lists factors to give you a more accurate idea of the estimates you’ll receive and to assist you in deciding whether to hire the job or DIY. Retail costs are included for those that want to rent or purchase the equipment and supplies for DIY deck washing.

Actual costs submitted by homeowners give you “real-life” pricing. Consider bookmarking this page and returning to Costimates to share your price – the size of your deck and the pressure washing cost – for the benefit of other readers.

Get Free Quotes for Pressure Washing in Your Area

Get Free Quotes for Pressure Washing in Your Area

Product and Installation Supplies Cost Details

Deck Repair Cost Factors

Fixr lists a huge range of $90 to $750 for deck washing with $175 as the average for a 500 square foot deck. What factors affect where on the spectrum your deck will fall?

  • Size of the Deck – While we’ve quoted deck power washing prices for a 500 square feet deck, decks come in all sizes. The larger the deck, the more the total cost. However, deck pressure washing cost per square foot usually goes down for larger decks. This is because the cost of travel and set up are spread over more square feet of deck.
  • Railing – Pressure washing deck railing is time consuming work and will easily add 20-30% to the cost. If your deck railing is older and looking its age, replacing deck railing might be a better way to spend your money than trying to restore its once-good looks.
  • Stairs – Like railing, stairs take a little more time per square foot than flat decking, so cost rises.
  • Shape of the Deck – Rectangular decks are easiest to wash, so cost is lower than if the deck is L-shaped, multi-level or other irregular design. See deck pressure washing project costs for differently shaped decks below.
  • Access – If the deck attaches to the second level of your home, for example, expect slightly higher estimates than for a first-floor deck.
  • Dirt and Stain Levels – When pre-treating heavily soiled and stained areas is needed, more time and materials are required. The dirtier the deck, or the more stains that must be treated and hand-scrubbed before washing, the higher the cost estimate. Got mold or mildew in the deck? Your cost will be higher than average.
  • Time of Year – Everyone wants their deck pressure washed at or near the start of “deck season,” usually spring or early summer. When pressure washing companies are busy, they quote higher rates than during slower periods because they simply don’t need the work – and if they’re going to take it, they make sure it pays well. After the leaves are done falling in autumn and before winter sets in can be a time to get lower deck pressure washing rates. And it can remove staining from wet leaves before it sets in.
  • Where you Live – Like most outdoor project costs, the cost to hire a pro for deck washing rises or falls with the local cost of living.
  • Who Supplies the Water – Most pros use homeowner water. That’s a cost to keep in mind if you have metered water. Average gallons per minute for a pressure washer are about 3-4, or 180 to 240 gallons per hour of steady use. Washing a 500 square foot deck takes about two hours – so 350 to 480 gallons of water. In areas of high water rates, some contractors will bring their own water and charge a little more, but it might save you money over using your own.
  • Who Does the Work – You’ll save money DIY if you can borrow a pressure washer or rent one locally – as long as you don’t damage the deck. See the DIY or Not section for tips.

These cost factors do not include the cost to repair a deck before or after washing it. That project is covered on this page of Costimates.

Get Free Quotes for Pressure Washing in Your Area

Get Free Quotes for Pressure Washing in Your Area

Cost of Various Deck Cleaning Supplies

If you enjoy home projects and/or saving money by doing them yourself, here are a few retail costs. While a good pressure washer isn’t cheap, it will pay for itself over time as you use it to pressure wash your driveway, siding, roof and more – even keeping the vehicles clean. Most have adjustable pressure settings and nozzle options to customize pressure to the job.

  • $28 – $45 for Electric / $50 – $80 for Gas | Pressure Washer Rental per Half-day and Full-day
  • $265 – $725 | Residential-grade gas-powered pressure washer for those that want to purchase their own.
  • $40 – $65 | Accessory Wand for a wider range of cleaning purposes.
  • $10 – $15 per Gallon | Deck Cleaner like Behr All-in-One Wood and Deck Cleaner.

Sample Deck Pressure Washing Projects

Not all 500 square foot decks are alike. Here are expected costs based on deck factors. Note that costs are given for decks with and without railing for the first two examples. Multi-tier decks are required to have railing on at least the upper sections.

  • Rectangular 20’ x 25’ deck, single-level without railing: $165 or $.33 (33 cents) per square foot.
  • Rectangular 20’ x 25’ deck, single-level with railing: $195 or $.39 per square foot.
  • L-shaped deck, single-level deck without railing: $180 or $.36 per square foot.
  • L-shaped deck, single-level deck with railing: $215 or $.43 per square foot.
  • Two-level deck with stairs with railing: $240 or $.48 per square foot.
Get Free Quotes for Pressure Washing in Your Area

Get Free Quotes for Pressure Washing in Your Area

Permits, Inspection, Related Costs and Installation Time

Permits and Inspection Cost

  • $0 | No permit is required for pressure washing a deck.

Related Costs and Installation Time

Most contractors charge by the job for power washing a deck, driveway, siding, etc. The hourly rate works out to:

  • $60 – $85 per hour | Deck Cleaning Labor Costs.

Here are typical time frames for common jobs.

  • 2-3 Hours | Power washing a deck up to 500 square feet
  • 3-5 Hours | Cleaning decks up to 1,000 square feet.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

We recommend doing the work yourself – and buying a good-quality pressure washer. You’ll find many uses for this tool, and as we said, it will pay for itself in a few years.

Tips: If you buy one, we prefer gas to electric. Cost is higher, but a gas machine is more versatile and powerful enough for tough jobs like a stained concrete driveway stripping paint off an old shed or fence.

Choose a machine with a wide range of pressure settings for job versatility. And know the appropriate pressure for each job. For example, the pressure required to remove grease stains from concrete might be too much for a wood deck – etching it and damaging its looks while shortening its lifespan, the very opposite of what was intended.

A setting of about 2,000 to 2,400 psi is right for wood decks and wood siding, while about 2,500 is right for vinyl siding. Concrete in good condition can tolerate 3,000 psi and higher.

Use a wide-angle tip to prevent concentrating the spray (and boosting its force) to avoid deck damage.

Start in an inconspicuous area, and if etching occurs, lower the pressure.

These tips and other handy pointers are included in this 5-minute video tutorial from a deck restoration contractor.

Get Free Quotes for Pressure Washing in Your Area

Get Free Quotes for Pressure Washing in Your Area