Cost Estimates & Calculators for Home Improvement & Repair Projects

Latest Home Improvement and Repair Project Cost Estimates

natural finish shadowbox fence installed around home
$24 - $44 / Foot
The cost to have wooden shadowbox fence installed in your yard is around $33 per foot. Expect a range of $24 for DIY to $44 for pro installation with options.
electric car charging in garage
$1,175 to $3,300, Installed
The cost to buy a 240V Level 2 electric vehicle charger and have it installed is $1,175 - $3,300 based on equipment cost and whether you need to add a circuit or subpanel.
recently remodeled bathroom
$150 - $330 / Square Foot
Typical cost to remodel a small or midsize bathroom is around $16,000 while large, luxury bathroom remodeling prices are closer to $40,000 and up depending on features.
newly encapsulated crawl space
$1.00 – $2.80 / Sqft
The cost to insulate a crawl space is around $1,000 – $2,800 for an average-sized crawl space of 1,000 square feet. This is about $1.00 – $2.80 per square foot when installed by a local company.
worker installing a wired smoke detector unit
$75 - $150 Per Unit
The cost to have a wired smoke detector installed is about $75 – $150 per smoke detector. Using an electrician for professional installation, that costs about $40 – $100 per hour.
new tile floor in upscale kitchen
$6.25 - $16.00/sqft
The average cost to have a flooring professional install a ceramic tile kitchen floor in your home is $1,800 or $12 per square foot. This is the cost for all materials, professional labor, supplies and cleanup.
house for sale with sign out front
6-12% of Sales Price
The cost of selling your home varies based on the price. However, you can estimate that when using a local realtor, it's going to cost you roughly 8-10% of the sales price for commission and fees.
newly encapsulated crawl space
$4,000 - $16,000, Installed
The cost to a crawl space encapsulated is between $4,000 – $16,000, or around $5.00 to $15.00 per square foot. Most jobs come in around $7,500 in average-sized crawl spaces.
kitchen with new drywall installed
$1.65 to $3.15 / Square Foot
The cost to hang drywall is $1.65 to $3.15 per square foot, or about $1,900 – $3,600 for a 12 x 12-foot room with 8-foot walls. For DIY'ers, expect the cost to be around $165 / square foot.
bathroom floor tile being installed
$11 - $18/sqft
Typical bathroom floor tile costs about $14.50 per square foot for ceramic tile, installed by a local tiling professional. This cost includes materials, supplies, removal of the old floor and clean up.
gfi outlet installed in kitchen
$140 - $310 per GFCI Outlet
The average cost to install a GFCI outlet is $220 per outlet when you hire a licensed electrician. This cost includes the electrical outlet, installation, testing and labor expenses.
paint or stain a wood fence
$8.25 - $14.00 / Linear Foot
The average cost to hire a professional to paint stain a wood fence is $2,400 for a 250-foot fence. The average is $9.60 per linear foot and $1.95 per square foot, including minor repairs.

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