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Costimates, LLC and our website is an online library of home improvement cost estimates to help homeowners learn, plan, and budget for repair pricing and replacement costs around their house. If desired, we can match you to licensed and qualified home improvement professionals in your area, ready to help you complete your projects.

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Updated: July 29, 2022

steve hansen costimatesCostimates.com is a concept started by Steve Hansen from several smaller ideas coming together. We understand there are many other home improvement cost comparison websites across the Internet, but we found them lacking an easy comparison model for not only the project you may be researching, but also in comparing prices across various other resources that do the same thing.

Our vision is to provide very detailed, thorough and accurate Cost Estimates for home improvement projects, using a “Good, Better, Best” scenario, allowing homeowners and researchers the ability to make better informed choices before they hire a pro, or take on a project themselves. The goal is to give every homeowner a place where they can research and compare costs, and even share their own project costs with others who may follow in their footsteps.

Using these as a guide we developed a user-friendly website that works on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile phones, etc) and provides detailed cost estimates and comparisons in the following sections of each page.

  • Good – Average – Best Comparisons – A price comparison table, with an estimated cost of the overall project. Each section of the comparison tables is explained in detail, elsewhere on the same page.
  • Project Overview – This section explains what can be found on the current page. If it’s not what you were looking for, it’s easy at that point to leave and find something better suited to your needs.
  • Product Costs – This section details wholesale and retail costs for the product itself. It also covers the various features and functions that will differentiate the price range for the product.
  • Installation Costs – Details the variables that come into play when having this product installed, as well as how they will affect the installation cost. Hourly rates for pros, as well as permits or inspections that may be needed.
  • Insurance or Warranty Coverage? – This section of a Costimate goes into detail about when a repair or replacement may or may not be covered by your homeowners insurance or a home warranty.
  • DIY or Pro – Purely our opinion, this section shares our own experiences as well as others who vote up or down, whether this is a DIY project, or best left to the pros.
  • Web Compare – With so many other home improvement cost comparison websites, we thought it prudent to share the average costs of the same projects from their website also. The goal is to provide complete information, including our competition.
  • Shared Pricing – The shared pricing section of each Costimate provides a way for homeowners to share the details and price they paid for the same project.
  • Discussion – As you would expect, we provide an area where visitors, pros and ourselves can discuss each Costimate to make it more informative and better for the next visitor. This section is closely moderated to assure fairness and family friendly discussion.

For Contractors

We might be good at a lot of things but we can never be the best without help from Contractors. To that end, we invite all contractors or home service pro’s to help us make the content on our site the most accurate, error free, and informative for consumers who research projects.

If you are a home service professional, please consider helping us by reviewing the Costimates that pertain to your service industry and telling us how we can make it better. Consumers use our information regularly before calling you and we want them prepared to speak to you, with realistic expectations. Click here to learn how you can be involved in making the information better for all.