Exterior Siding

Compare Costs for Exterior Home Siding

Explore installation and replacement costs of exterior home siding, pressure washing, cleaning maintenance and care.

home with new aluminum siding installed
Aluminum has quickly made a comeback in home siding options. Research prices and installation costs.
house with brick siding installed
Brick Veneer Siding Cost $10.35 - $18.80 Per Square Foot The average cost to have brick veneer siding installed is $14.75 per square foot when
fiber cement siding on a house
Estimate how much it will cost to have fiber cement siding and trim installed on the exterior of your home.
home with log cabin siding installed at cost
Many people love the look of log cabin siding, but what about the cost? Learn more in this cost estimate from Costimates.
stone veneer siding installed on front of home
The average cost to have stone veneer siding installed on your home is between $14.00 - $19.00 per square foot.
house with new vinyl siding installed
How Much Does it Cost to Install Vinyl Siding? $4.30 - $7.65 Per Square Foot The average cost to have vinyl siding installed is $6.40
wood siding installed on home
Wood and Cedar siding gives your home a classic look and appearance, but is it worth the cost and maintenance?