How Much Does an Above Ground Pool Cost?

Common Range: $1,720 – $3,840

National Average: $2,710, 24′ Round Pool Installed

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Updated: January 23, 2023, by: Steve Hansen

Average Cost

The average cost to install a 24′ foot round above ground pool is around $2,710, to have a pool company near you handle the installation, and depending on your pool site and other requirements.

Most pool contractors will supply the pool itself, all site work and labor needed to assure a level pool on a sand base. Most often, they’ll handle the electrical install cost for the filter, pump, and any other accessories agreed upon. If not, they’ll refer you to an electrician they commonly work with to handle it.

Average Do It Yourself cost
$920, 24′ Pool
Average Contractor Installed Cost
$2,710, 24′ Pool Installed
Typical Cost Average
$1,720 – $3,840

above ground swimming pool with nice deck

Get Free Estimates from Qualified Pool Installers Nearby

Get Free Estimates from Qualified Pool Installers Nearby

Overview of Above Ground Pools

Installing an above-ground pool in your yard can provide a great place to relax on hot days, as well as a fun way to spend time with family and friends. Swimming pools also provide a great way to exercise and keep yourself trim and fit with a low impact workout. There are many types of above ground pools to choose from, as well as options that will affect the cost of an above ground pool. If you have the budget and want a higher return in your investment, explore the cost of inground pools as well. While more costly, they offer all the fun of the lower cost pools in this cost estimate.

This Costimate is focused on above ground pools and the expenses related to installing a pool in your yard. We’ll help you understand why different types of pools cost more than others, the various features that cost more, as well as how factors within your yard can affect the installation cost of a pool. When you’re done using this pool cost estimator, you should be able to determine is this is a project you can do on your own, or if you’re better off hiring a Pro to handle the installation. Like all of our cost comparisons, we included a section at the bottom where other homeowners like yourself have shared the cost of their own above ground pool, as well as a reference table helping you compare above ground pool costs from other leading comparison sites on the web.

above ground pool with nice deck installed

Above Ground Pool Price Factors

This first thing you’ll learn when researching above ground pools is that there are MANY options to choose from. There are smaller, inflatable top-ring pools for those who just want a temporary solution that are easily installed yourself. Above ground pools with metal walls and removable liners that are harder to install, but stay up year round and provide years of service after installation.

Review these above ground pool options below.

  • Type of Pool – From cheaper vinyl sided pools that blow up and install in an hour, to steel wall panels and metal and aluminum frame construction, that have longer warranties and stay up year round. The more sturdy and solid your pool is, the higher the price is going to be.
  • Pool Size and Shape – Ranging from 10’x10′ to 27’x27′ feet round, to 12′ x 24′ feet oval above ground pools, the overall size is the first thing to decide. Along with the width of the pool, you also have to choose the assembled depth of the pool. They are available anywhere from 24″ deep for smaller pools, to 52″ deep on larger models. Keep in mind… bigger costs more. Not only when purchased, but also to fill with water and maintain.
  • Resins and Coatings – As you review pool prices, pay attention to the coatings on the walls and top rails. If its just a painted finish, it will cost much less than pools with a resin or other durable finish. Resin finishes will last much longer and extend the life of your pool.
  • Included Accessories – Along with your above ground pool, you’re going to need several accessories right from the moment its installed. A ladder to get in and out of the pool. A filter and chlorination system to clean the water and keep the chemicals balanced. You’ll also need a vacuum and skimmer to keep the walls and floor of the pool clean. These are not always included and you need to be sure as you compare above ground pool prices.
  • Pool Deck Installation – It’s very common to build a small or complete deck around your above ground pool. Adding a deck to your installation is going to depend widely on how big of a deck you want.
  • Where You LiveSouth Carolina and Las Vegas, are two of the most common states where above ground pools are installed. Naturally, it’s going to cost you a bit less than states like Massachusetts, where pools are not installed as often. This has to do with the number of pool installers near you competing for business, as well as a wider availability of pool options.
Get Free Estimates from Qualified Pool Installers Nearby

Get Free Estimates from Qualified Pool Installers Nearby

above ground pool filter and heater accessories

Cost of Pool, Accessories and Supplies

For the pool prices from a retailer or wholesale supplier, expect the pricing to be in the ranges below.

Retail Pricing of Above Ground Pools

  • $50 – $150 | Simple, inflatable ring 10′-15′ round, 30″ deep above ground pool.
  • $150 – $600 | Better than the inflatable pools above, these vinyl side above ground pools require a bit more assembly, but still need to be taken down after the swimming season. You can expect pools in this price range to be 15-20′ round, with a depth of 36-48 inches.
  • $600 – $1,350 | Above ground pools in this range will get a more permanent, steel or aluminum wall pool. Pools in this price range are both bigger and deeper, and also include more accessories like a ladder, skimmer, and sand filled filter.
  • $1,350 – $2,500 | At the top end of above ground pool pricing, are pools with thicker sidewalls, sturdier pool liners, and vinyl coatings to prevent discoloration and rust. You’ll have a wide selection of size, depth and shape to choose from.

Cost of Installation Supplies

Along with your new pool, you’ll need other items to make sure it’s installed properly, and that you have all the supplies to keep it running for the season. While you might not need all of these, it’s good to know what they are, to avoid surprises.

  • $50 – $150 | Ground cover mat to protect pool liner.
  • $250 – $450 | Pool bottom kit – for ground soil that is rocky, has roots, or if you want to avoid using a soft sand for the bottom of the pool liner.
  • $50 – $150 | Where the liner meets the ground, you need a small pool cove, to ease the transition, and extend the life of the liner. You can use sand and shape it by hand, or purchase a preformed foam or neoprene pool cove that installs in minutes.
  • $100 – $450 | Water to fill the pool. This expense is usually overlooked by homeowners during the planning. Pro’s suggest using City water if it’s possible, since the cost of using a water truck is in the $350 – $500 range, for 9000 gallons. Click here to learn how much water you need for your new pool.
  • $25 – $75 | Miscellaneous supplies like marking paint, string,  pipe sealing tape, etc.

Related Expenses when Installing a Pool

Along with your new pool and installation supplies, you need to check with local authorities to be sure you don’t have to make other home improvements in order to own a pool. In addition, your homeowners insurance may be affected by the increased risk that comes with a pool.

  • Fencing Around Pool or Yard – Whether you install a chain link, privacy fence, split rail, aluminum fence, or other type of fencing around your yard, chances are good that your city or town will require a fence for all pools above 2 feet tall.
  • New Pool Deck or Changes to Existing – While not required, extending your current deck to surround a portion or all of your pool will create a much nicer appearance as well as giving you a place to sun and gather around the pool.
  • Sand or Dirt Fill – For uneven yards, you’ll need to excavate and/or fill the area to make it perfectly level. A pool should not be installed on a non-level surface.
  • Electrical Requirements – For pools that are permanently installed, you’ll need electric service to power the pump. If the pump is located against your home and away from the pool, you’ll also need to bury the pipes underground.
Get Free Estimates from Qualified Pool Installers Nearby

Get Free Estimates from Qualified Pool Installers Nearby

Permits, Inspection, and Installation Costs

In most cases, any pool above 24″ deep, requires a permit and inspection from local authorities. This is done to assure:

  • The pool is installed according to manufacturer requirements.
  • You have a properly installed fence separating preventing unauthorized access to the pool.
  • Electrical has been installed to code.
  • All safety related requirements are fulfilled.

You should expect permit and inspection costs in the following range:

  • $50 – $220 ea. | Electrical and Other Inspections

Installation Labor Costs

You’ll want a Handyman or Pool Company to install your new above ground pool. While it can be a DIY project for homeowners who know how to level a yard, use a shovel and have a lot of help, we still suggest you talk to a Pro before taking on the project yourself. Now, if you’re putting up a 12′-15′ round, seasonal pool that’s a different story. But for permanently installed above ground pools wider than 15-18 feet, a Pro should be consulted first.

Your above ground pool installation cost is going to vary based on the area you want it placed. In a perfectly flat world with a minimum of site work, you can expect the following estimated installation cost for a 18′ foot to 24′ round, above ground pool.

  • $750 – $2500 – Estimated Flat Rate Installation Cost. Smaller pools on a level area cost less, and larger pools with more site work cost more.

Completed Installation Time

You can expect the installation to take anywhere from 2-4 days, depending on the amount of site work and the size of the pool.

  • 1 – 2 Days | Level ground with a minimum of site work, installing a seasonal pool 18′ – 24′ round, or oval above ground pool.
  • 2 – 3 Days | Most common pool installation time for pools that are being permanently installed, with electrical service to the pump, and an average amount of site leveling work.
  • 3 – 4 Days | Difficult pool installations, where you need excavation of the pool area with power equipment, electrical wires buried underground and/or larger pools with a deeper center area or oval shaped pools.

Concrete and insulation are key parts of every home. Here are related home improvement projects you might be planning for your new home construction project.

Are You a Pro Swimming Pool Installer?

If so, head over to our Costimates Pro’s page, and help us make this page better and more accurate for both our visitors and your future customers.

DIY or Hire a Pro

As I mentioned previously, it’s not a hard job in the form of needed skills to install your own pool. You will however need a good amount of helpers who have strong backs are are capable of digging and leveling, as well as driving a wheelbarrow filled with sand and dirt. If thr ground is close enough to level, you can get away with a sod cutter to remove the grass area, and a strong tiller to loosen the areas you need to dig down. If you need to remove than 6-12″ inches of ground in any area, it’s worth calling in a pro to handle the excavation.

  • A lot of site prep work may be required to get a perfectly level surface.
  • You need several helpers to help with digging and to hold the pool walls upright during assembly.

I have installed 2 above ground pools. A 24′ foot round above ground pool 20 years ago that took more than a week to get completed due to the site work, and a smaller 15 foot round seasonal pool that I installed for the kids to splash around in the back yard. If you just want a temporary place to cool off, go small and learn whether you really want a pool or not first. If you’re going to a bigger, more permanent above ground pool, call a pro before starting.

Get Free Estimates from Qualified Pool Installers Nearby

Get Free Estimates from Qualified Pool Installers Nearby

Compare Costs from Leading Resources

  • HomeGuide: $2,811, Average Installed Cost
  • LawnStarter: $2,693, Average Cost with Installation
  • Fixr: $5,000, 12' x 24', Including Installation
  • River Pools: $2,500 - $7,500, Depending on Size and Quality
  • HomeAdvisor: $2,909, Installed Cost
  • HowMuch: $3,481, 12' x 24' Pool, Installed

Common Questions and Answers

What Effects the Pool Cost the Most?

Taking installation out of the equation, the biggest factor in the cost of an above ground pool is the size. A 12'x12 round pool is going to cost much less than a 30'x30 pool. After size, installation difficulties are the second highest cost factor.

What's the Installation Cost of an Above Ground Pool if I Buy it Myself?

Expect to pay between $1,200 to $3,500 to have an above ground pool installed if you purchase the pool yourself.

How Deep Are Above Ground Pools?

The majority of above ground pools are 48 inches, or 4 feet deep at the sidewall. You can also get them with a 52" or 56" sidewall. The depth at the center of the pools can be as much as 8" deep with the proper liner and prep work.

How Long do Above Ground Pools Last?

A properly installed and maintained pool should last between 10-20 years.

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