How Much Do Double Hung Windows Cost?

$400 – $1,500 per Window

The cost of most professionally installed double-hung windows ranges from $400 and $1,500 each. If you DIY, cost can be as low as $200-$1,000 per window depending on size and material. An explanation of the wide cost range – due to cost factors – is found below and will help you narrow your budget.

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Average Cost of Double Hung Windows Installation

You have a huge range of options from cheap vinyl double-hung windows to elegant and pricey wood windows, all in a wide range of sizes starting at about 24”x24” up to 48”x72”.

So you can see that cost between $400 and $1,500 per double-hung windows makes sense based on these and other factors listed below.

This cost range is for off-the-shelf plus semi-custom windows (explained later) in popular sizes and options. When you add special features like impact-resistant or hurricane glass, between-pane blinds and arched cornice tops, price rises by as much as 50%.

Average Do It Yourself cost
$520 per Window
Average Contractor Installed Cost
$950 per Window
Typical Cost Average
$475 – $1,000 per Window
Last Updated: Monday, May 3, 2021

new double hung windows replacement of kitchen windows

Overview of Double-hung Windows and Installation

What is a double-hung window?

A window being “double-hung” means that both the top and bottom sashes can slide to open and close, unlike single-hung windows with just the lower sash moving. On a double-hung window, the top sash slides down, obviously, and the lower sash raises. The thinking behind the design is that lowering the top sash allows rising heat to escape, while a raised lower sash allows cool outside air to enter.

Keep in mind this design pre-dates central air conditioning. Today, the most common reason to choose double-hung windows is that both sashes tilt in, so they can be cleaned from the inside of the home.

Why choose double-hung windows?

Double-hung windows have three advantages.

First, as noted, cleaning the outside is easy, even on a second story of the house. No ladder needed.

Second, double-hung windows provide excellent ventilation. Opening both the top and bottom sashes helps to circulate the air inside the house, letting stale air and/or warm air to flow out while allowing fresh air to come in.

Third, double-hung windows are safe for homes with small children. The top sash of a double-hung window can be opened instead of the bottom sash, so the open part of the window is always out of reach.

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Get Free Replacement or New Window Quotes

Product and Installation Supplies Cost Details

Double Hung Window Cost Factors

Whether you’ll pay $400 or $1,5o0+ per window depends on these factors and window options.

  • Material – This is generally the largest cost factor. Vinyl (PVC/plastic) is cheap and easy to form/work with. But don’t overlook vinyl just because it is affordable. Vinyl is popular because it offers outstanding value. Fiberglass costs a little more and gives you a painted wood look. Aluminum is cheap, but suitable only for warm to moderate climates. Wood is the premium material.
  • Size – Bigger windows of the same window series cost more, and sometimes the difference is significant. Consider that a 24×24 window is 4 square feet while a 36×48 window is 10 square feet. That’s a lot more glass and framing. Then bump up size to 48×60, and square footage doubles to 20.
  • Quality – Affordable vinyl is a very decent material, but wood is an upgrade. Windows of each material type come in basic, better and best ranges too, with quality being determined by the thickness of the frame, how it is joined, the grade of the finish or hardware, accessories and similar factors.
  • Glass – Single pane windows cost less, but are less energy efficient. Double pane comes in standard low-E glass and coated options that make them more energy efficient. Then you’ve got tempered/shatterproof glass, hurricane-rated glass, obscured glass and other options to consider. If energy efficiency is important to you, look for windows with Energy Star rated glass.
  • New Construction or Replacement – Because of design and installation factors, new construction windows cost roughly $15 to $40 more each to install.
  • Location – Second-story windows cost more to install, if they’re new construction windows installed from outside, because of the increased time and difficulty factor. This is a minor cost factor.
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Get Free Replacement or New Window Quotes

Double Hung Window Sizes, Priced by Size

As mentioned above, the size of your window is going to affect the price you pay. Below are some of the most common sizes when discussing single-hung windows. The measurements listed are inches, and the stated dimension are the rough opening size for the window to fit. For example, a 24″ x 48″ window actually measures 23 1/2″ wide x 47 1/2 tall”, which is designed to leave a small gap for insulation, flashing, construction irregularities, and adjusting it’s square fit into the 24″x48″ rough opening.

Common Sizes and Prices for Double Hung Windows

24 inch wide windows – $65 to $280, Add $120 per window for installation.

  • 24″ x 36″ | $65 – $125
  • 24″ x 44″ | $85 – $140
  • 24″ x 48″ | $90 – $165
  • 24″ x 52″ | $110 – $210
  • 24″ x 54″ | $125 – $220
  • 24″ x 60″ | $140 – $260
  • 24″ x 72″ | $165 – $280

28 inch wide windows – $85 to $260, Add $130 per window for installation.

  • 28″ x 36″ | $85 – $135
  • 28″ x 44″ | $105 – $165
  • 28″ x 48″ | $120 – $195
  • 28″ x 52″ | $125 – $215
  • 28″ x 54″ | $130 – $225
  • 28″ x 60″ | $140 – $260
  • 28″ x 72″ | $145 – $260

32 inch wide windows – $90 to $290, Add $140 per window for installation.

  • 32″ x 36″ | $90 – $165
  • 32″ x 44″ | $135 – $170
  • 32″ x 48″ | $135 – $185
  • 32″ x 52″ | $150 – $200
  • 32″ x 54″ | $165 – $230
  • 32″ x 60″ | $180 – $235
  • 32″ x 72″ | $210 – $290

40 inch wide windows – $110 to $310, Add $150 per window for installation.

  • 40″ x 36″ | $110 – $145
  • 40″ x 44″ | $125 – $155
  • 40″ x 48″ | $135 – $160
  • 40″ x 52″ | $160 – $185
  • 40″ x 54″ | $200 – $230
  • 40″ x 60″ | $215 – $245
  • 40″ x 72″ | $240 – $310

44 inch wide windows – $125 to $340, Add $150 per window for installation.

  • 44″ x 36″ | $125 – $180
  • 44″ x 44″ | $150 – $195
  • 44″ x 48″ | $170 – $190
  • 44″ x 52″ | $185 – $235
  • 44″ x 54″ | $195 – $270
  • 44″ x 60″ | $215 – $325
  • 44″ x 72″ | $230 – $340

48 inch wide windows – $140 to $390, Add $160 per window for installation.

  • 48″ x 36″ | $140 – $170
  • 48″ x 44″ | $155 – $185
  • 48″ x 48″ | $170 – $200
  • 48″ x 52″ | $190 – $260
  • 48″ x 54″ | $205 – $390
  • 48″ x 60″ | $245 – $435
  • 48″ x 72″ | $260 – $390
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Get Free Replacement or New Window Quotes

Double-Hung Window Costs by Construction Material

Below is a list of the materials available for double-hung windows with the average cost for each material.

  • $400 – $2,500+ | Wood Windows – This classic material offers the most elegance. Plenty of wood species are available from affordable pine like the Andersen 400 Series to walnut, mahogany and Douglas fir in top lines like top lines the Andersen E-Series and other premium brand lines.
  • $200 – $2,000 | Vinyl Windows – The most popular material used, vinyl windows are made by many leading brands including Jeld Wen, Pella, Ply Gem and Simonton Reflections, a top-rated vinyl window according to Consumer Reports.
  • $300 – $2,400 | Fiberglass – One of the newer materials available, fiberglass offers enhanced strength over vinyl, and the frames are often textured to mimic painted woodgrain. Pella Impervia might be the best-known fiberglass window, but other brands are starting to make them including the Marvin Ultrex windows.
  • $250 – $1600 | Composite Windows – These windows are made from plastic and wood, typically, but there are a few other blends available. Andersen Fibrex stands out as a popular composite window line.
  • $200 – $850 | Aluminum or Metal Windows – Cheap yes, but not energy efficient. They’re a decent choice for coastal regions where salt in the air can be an issue for other materials. Jeld Wen Premium Atlantic is a top line. There are some regional manufacturers in the Southeast too.

The top nationwide brands of windows include Andersen, Pella, Marvin, Ply Gem, Jeld Wen, Alside and Milgard.

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Get Free Replacement or New Window Quotes

Permits, Inspection, Related Costs and Installation Time

Permits and Inspection Cost

  • $0 – $200 | Window replacement when no structural changes are made to the home do not require a permit. If you’re cutting in for a new window and add headers, etc., then a permit should be pulled. Your window contractor should be able to advise you on this. The contractor will obtain the permit and add its cost to the invoice.

Related Costs and Installation Time

Installation Time: Pros take 30 minutes to a couple hours per window at a labor cost of around $50 – $80 per hour. DIY homeowners, depending on skill level, might take longer.

Costs of Related Projects

Here are common outdoor projects homeowners also complete along with window replacement.

Siding Replacement – Your siding options start with affordable Vinyl Siding for about $4.30 – $7.65 Per Square Foot. Fiber Cement is an attractive consideration at an average of $9.35/square foot. Classic Wood or Cedar Siding goes for around $9.00.

House Painting – Wood siding in good condition can last a century or more, as demonstrated on many historic homes. Cost is between $2,800 to $3,600 for most homes in the 2,000 square foot range.

If you live in an area prone to storms, it’s not uncommon to have hurricane shutters installed at the same time you replace windows in your home.

A Patio or Deck Enclosure – Once your windows are installed, complete your home’s exterior makeover by covering your patio or deck. Make it usable more seasons of the year and in variable weather conditions. The cost of an enclosure averages about $64 per square foot, but there are many factors which affect cost and could make it significantly more affordable or costly.

Get Free Replacement or New Window Quotes

Get Free Replacement or New Window Quotes

DIY or Hire a Pro?


What’s your skill level and experience? Do you follow tutorials and instructions well? If you have good skills and can learn from others, then DIY should be considered.

Think about it this way: At an installation cost of around $200 per window, and a typical 2,500 square foot house having about 20 windows, the savings could be $4-grand. HomeGuide puts installation cost per window at $159 to $258, which is just about right. Remodeling Expense puts the installation labor cost as high as $450 per window. While we think that’s a little high, it shows again how much cash there is to be saved by doing it yourself.

However, if you get it wrong, the savings will be lost in repairs, potential water damage and the higher energy costs due to windows that are poorly installed and sealed.

Most homeowners don’t have the skills, tools and/or time to do the work, so they hire a qualified pro. Just make sure that they are licensed and fully insured – so that if they fall off a ladder at your house, they’re covered and won’t come after you.

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Get Free Replacement or New Window Quotes

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