How Much Does Dishwasher Installation Cost?

Common Range: $465 – $1,835

National Average: $951, Dishwasher and Installation

Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes
Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes
Updated: November 1, 2022, by: Steve Hansen

Cost Range for Built-In Dishwasher Installation

The cost range to purchase and have a dishwasher installed is between $465 and $1,835. This includes the dishwasher as well as professional installation from a handyman or plumber, Lowes, Home Depot or another major retailer.

Average Cost

Average Do It Yourself Cost
$465 (Dishwasher + Supplies)
Average Contractor Installed Cost
Typical Cost Range
$465 – $1,835

new dishwasher after installation

Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes

Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes

Overview of Built-In Dishwasher Installation

Today, almost every kitchen has a dishwasher installed that helps clean the dirty dishes and save water on the daily task of kitchen cleanup. When the dishwasher breaks and you find yourself washing dishes by hand for a few days, you quickly realize why the appliance was in place to begin with.

This page of Costimates is dedicated to one of the most widely used and often under-appreciated appliances in your kitchen, the built-in dishwasher. We’ll help you learn about how much a new dishwasher cost from leading retailers like Lowes and Home Depot, as well as which features effect the price you pay. We’ll also discuss DIY replacement versus calling in a handyman or Plumber, as well as what they may charge for dishwasher installation cost.

At the end of the page, we’ve got a section dedicated to other dishwasher installation cost comparisons around the web from other leading sources, as well as several common questions related to the installation of a new dishwasher.

Dishwasher Installation Cost Factors

As you start your search for a replacement dishwasher, you’ll find that retail prices have a wide range from $190 for a basic built in unit, to more than $2,000 dollars for having a dishwasher installed with many features you might not know about. The features below will have the highest impact on what you pay for a new dishwasher.

  • Size / Capacity – The majority of residential dishwashers are 24″ wide and 34″ tall, to fit the space built into most cabinets and counters. You can however, purchase a new dishwasher in more narrow widths, for smaller areas like a home bar, or a kitchens with limited space. Capacity is increased with multiple rack configurations, and the number of place settings they clean in one washing cycle. More capacity generally equals higher retail cost.
  • Built in Food Disposal – If you spend a bit more money, newer dishwashers have a small food disposal built into the drain system. This alleviates the need to even rinse the dishes before loading, thus saving energy and water as well. Don’t confuse this with a garbage disposal, which is attached to your sink drain and allows disposal of food remains easily.
  • Cleaning Modes – From basic wash and rinse cycles on lower cost dishwashers, to steam cleaning higher pressures on the more expensive models. The cleaning features are one of your most important choices.
  • Noise Level when Running – If your kitchen and family areas share the same space, you might consider a dishwasher than runs more quietly. Lower cost models are noisier.
  • Type of Inner Tub – On lower cost models you’ll find plastic or resin inner tubs and wall, to save money. Many of the higher priced dishwashers have stainless steel liners which not only last longer and won’t distort due to high temperatures, they’re also much quieter when running.
  • Controls – Basic dishwashers usually have a set of controls on the face of the unit. Turn a dial, press a button and it runs. More advanced (and costly) dishwasher controls are built into the door and not seen when it closed.
  • Technology and Smart Features – Higher priced models have smart sensors that can automatically adjust water pressures, washing times, and many other energy saving features that can save you money and get your dishes cleaner.
  • Exterior Finish or Color – I debated leaving exterior finish off this list, since almost any type of finish (painted, stainless, black, etc) can be found in all price ranges. If however, you want a dishwasher that matches your custom cabinets, or other high end finishes in the kitchen, they are available and do cost more.
  • The Type of Dishwasher Being Installed – There are a few main types of dishwashers homeowners have in their house. The most common type is a built-in dishwasher, which is what this page is primarily about. The other main dishwasher types are drawer dishwashers commonly found in very high end homes, countertop dishwashers and portable dishwashers, neither which require a professional to handle the installation, but do not offer a seamless finished look in your kitchen or pantry.
  • Who Handles the Dishwasher Installation – If you buy a new dishwasher and install it yourself, you’re going to save the most money. Hiring out the installation to Lowes, Home Depot or the store you purchase it from is another optio0n, but it does have caveats we’ll discuss further below. Hiring a handyman or plumber to install the dishwasher is likely going to cost similar to the cost of dishwasher installation from Lowes or Home Depot.

Installation Cost from Lowes, Home Depot and other Major Retailer Stores

If you purchase a dishwasher from Lowes, Home Depot or other major retail store, they’ll more than likely offer installation services to go along with it and may charge a fee for this.

Important Note: Home Depot, Lowes and other major retailers may not install your dishwasher at the same fees listed below if it requires a licensed plumber, a licensed electrician or any other state licensed trade to deal with the installation.

Lowes Dishwasher Installation Cost – $140 – $360

Lowes home improvement store offers dishwasher installation from it’s own approved contractors on most appliances they sell. Keep in mind, these are not licensed plumbers, electricians or tradesmen, but may also include the company who handles the delivery of your new built-in dishwasher when no licensing is required.

  • $100 – $200 | Dishwasher Installation Cost
  • $25 – $75 | Dishwasher Installation Kit
  • $25 – $50 | Old Dishwasher Removal and Disposal Fee

Home Depot Dishwasher Installation Cost – $0 – $325

Home Depot, like Lowes and others, also offer dishwasher installation from approved contractors on dishwasher and nearly all appliances they sell. Similar to Lowes above, these are generally not licensed tradesmen are are likely the company who handles the delivery and simple “swap out” installations. If your plumbing or electrical need to be modified in any way, they’ll refer you to a licensed installer.

  • Free – $200 | Dishwasher Installation Cost (Free installation with the purchase of $400 or more)
  • $25 – $75 | Dishwasher Installation Kit
  • $25 – $50 | Old Dishwasher Removal and Disposal Fee
Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes

Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes

Dishwasher Retail Cost and Installation Supplies

The section below represents an approximate retail price range for a new built-in dishwasher, as well as the features you can expect in that range.

  • $300 – $500 | Basic dishwasher with fewer cycles, a bit noisier, and plastic or resin tub. You will however find just about color and finish you want in these affordable models.
  • $450 – $850 | Likely, the most popular cost range for new dishwashers. You’ll find a stainless steel tub inside, as well as more cleaning cycles, advanced technology, and quieter running dishwasher.
  • $850 – $2,000 | Once you step into the higher end range of kitchen dishwashers, you’ll find features commonly associated with commercial system. High temperature cycles for more sanitized dishes, 3rd rack options, water filtering, front panel finishes to match your cabinets, and other high end features.

Cost of Installation Supplies

Fortunately, if you’re replacing your existing dishwasher, you may not need too much in the form of installation supplies, though it is always good practice to replace the water supply line, drain hose and any electrical connectors. Fortunately, most dishwasher manufacturers supply most of this in their dishwasher installation kit.

  • $0 – $35 | Fittings to connect hot water line to new dishwasher.
  • $15 – $35 | Electric plug kit, if you are not direct wiring the electrical, and instead wiring a 3-prong plug and cord.
  • $5 – $15 | Miscellaneous supplies like screws, thread sealing tape for water connector, etc.

Note: If you need to change or extend the water supply line, change the drain configuration, or add a new electric line for your dishwasher, it could add to the expense of the install supply costs.

Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes

Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes

Permits, Inspection, and Dishwasher Installation Costs

Permits and/or Inspection Cost

In most cases, you will not need an inspection when replacing your dishwasher. Check your local codes or ask a handyman or plumber. In some areas, they require an inspection after any electrical product is replaced, when direct wiring is involved. Also, modifications to plumbing could require an inspection as well.

  • $50 – $200 ea. | Electrical and/or Plumbing Inspections (if needed)

Installation Labor Costs

If you choose to call a handyman or a plumber to install your new dishwasher, they are usually happy to install a product you purchased yourself. Along with the dishwasher installation and hookup, they will gladly remove and dispose of the old dishwasher as part of the service.

  • $150 – $370 – Estimated flat rate dishwasher installation cost.

Completed Installation Time

You can expect the installation to take anywhere from 1-3 hours at your home, depending on the condition of the water lines and electrical connection. Keep in mind, the installer is also going to include travel time in the dishwasher installation estimate.

  • 2 – 4 Hours | Most common dishwasher installation time. This includes travel time to and from your home.
Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes

Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes

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Are You a Handyman or Pro Dishwasher Installer?

If so, head over to our Costimates Pro’s page, and help us make this page better and more accurate for both our visitors and your future customers.

DIY or Hire a Pro

Installing a built-in dishwasher is not a hard project if you’re simply replacing a broken or outdated unit. In most cases, this is an easy DIY project that most handy homeowners can do on their own. If however, you are installing a dishwasher to a space where there was not one located before, you may need to call a plumber and/or an electrician to run water supply lines and electrical service to the install area.

I have replaced our own dishwasher several times and would do it again.

Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes

Get Free Dishwasher Installation Cost Quotes

Compare Costs from Leading Resources

  • HomeAdvisor: $370 - $1,500, Includes dishwasher and installation
  • Lowes : $140 - $360, Installation only, does not include dishwasher cost
  • HomeWyse: $770 - $1,460, Dishwasher and Installation Cost
  • Fixr: $700 - $1,970, Includes Dishwasher and Installation
  • HowMuch: $1,100, Dishwasher plus Installation

Common Questions and Answers

How hard is it to install a dishwasher?

If you are simply replacing an existing dishwasher, it's not very hard but does require tools and a bit of muscle. The Spruce has a wonderful guide to installing your own dishwasher.

Can a dishwasher be installed where there never was one?

Yes, but if you want a built-in dishwasher, you will also need to hire a plumber and electrician to run the correct water and electrical to the unit.

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