How Much Does a Furnace Tune Up Cost?

Common Range: $80 – $325 Per Furnace

National Average: $175 / Furnace

Get Free Furnace Tune-up or Maintenance Cost Quotes
Get Free Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up Cost Quotes
Updated: September 30, 2022, by: Steve Hansen

Cost Range for a Furnace Tune Up

It will cost between $80 – $145 to hire an HVAC technician to perform annual maintenance on a gas furnace. Most homeowners pay around $110 to have the gas furnace in their home serviced each year. Of course, the price can differ if you have a service agreement with the HVAC company, or if you used a coupon that are widely offered to gain first time services.

When the technician arrives, they’ll first confirm that your thermostat is working and calling for heat in the system. Once the furnace is on and blowing through your supply vents, they’ll move to the utility area where the heating system is located to check the operation of the furnace itself. Each manufacturer has a checklist of what needs to be checked on the gas furnace and once this is completed, they will go over their findings with you and make recommendations for your next service appointment, or furnace repairs as needed.

Average Cost

Average Do It Yourself Cost
Average Contractor Installed Cost
$175 Per Furnace
Typical Cost Range
$80 – $325 / Furnace

hvac technician checking gas furnace annual maintenance

Get Free Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up Cost Quotes

Get Free Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up Cost Quotes

Overview of Gas Furnace Maintenance

During a furnace tune up, the unit will be cleaned and then a checklist of maintenance items should be performed. These include safety checks of the gas line and valve, heat exchanger and exhaust system. If you have a heat pump system with a gas furnace, the cost will not differ much at all. They are separate units designed to operate together in a dual fuel system.

Performance tests indicate whether adjustments or repairs should be made to ensure the furnace is running dependably and at peak efficiency. Tests will be completed for blower voltage and amp draw, the functionality of the blower motor itself, gas pressure into the furnace, flame sensors, hot surface ignitor functionality, exhaust flue, and many other key components within the gas furnace. Any items that fail the tests will be outlined by your service technician with recommendation on repair or replacement.

Note: Failure to maintain your furnace may void the warranty. Maytag’s warranty  is just one of many with similar language. It states in item #6, Warranty Conditions, “All equipment requires annual maintenance performed by your servicing dealer or an authorized service technician…you or your servicing dealer may be required to submit proof of annual maintenance.

That’s one of many examples found in HVAC equipment warranties. Have your furnace maintained as outlined in the instructions provided with the unit or in the owner’s manual to avoid denial of warranty claims.

Furnace Maintenance and Tune-up Cost Factors

The number of maintenance services performed usually determines cost. But there might be another factor – the servicing company’s strategy.

In our experience, low-cost annual maintenance offers mean one of two things. Either your furnace is going to get a cursory inspection and cleaning, which is a waste of money. Or, the company intends to find things wrong with your furnace in order to sell you costly repairs. If a technician tells you your heat exchanger is cracked and the furnace must be replaced, get a second estimate before proceeding unless you know and trust the HVAC company and/or they have been maintaining your heating and air system for many years. Look further through our site to learn about new gas furnace costs.

Choose a heating company with a good reputation for fair dealing with its customers. Ask the company for a checklist of services provided during maintenance.

  • Maintenance Services Provided: The more maintenance, diagnostic testing and adjustments are made, the higher the cost typically is. Some companies have two tiers of “General” and “Advanced” maintenance and cleaning. A maintenance list will include some or all of these tasks: checking for cracks in the heat exchanger, testing for carbon monoxide and gas leaks, inspect vent for leaks, cleaning, testing voltage and amp draw of the blower, measure and adjust gas pressure, test ignitor for electric resistance and test/calibrate the thermostat.
  • Time of Year: Heating companies sometimes offer discounts during slow periods of the year. Those periods vary for different parts of the country.
  • Number of Units Serviced: Some companies offer a discount for maintenance on a second furnace or an AC because their travel time and cost is spread over more units.
  • Complexity of the Furnace: Some heating companies charge a little extra to test and tune furnaces with modulating gas valves and communicating technology.
  • Access to the Furnace: The cleaning and tune-up of a furnace in an attic or crawlspace might cost 10% to 20% more than one that is easy to access and work on.
  • Competition in Your Area: Where heating and air conditioning companies are competing for your business, prices can be lower. Just be sure you’re comparing estimates offering the same set of maintenance points.
  • Having a Service Plan: HVAC contractors sell service agreements as a means of “locking in” customers for maintenance, repairs and replacements. Costing $150 to $500 per year based on services offer, they provide free or discounted annual maintenance, and discounts on service calls, repairs and replacements. They also give you priority position when you call for repairs.
  • Time Since Last Maintenance: Poorly maintained furnaces take longer to clean and tune. If there isn’t a set price for the service, then cost will go up as time increases. It’s also more likely that minor repairs will be suggested such as replacing the igniter, flame sensor or thermocouple.
Get Free Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up Cost Quotes

Get Free Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up Cost Quotes

Furnace Maintenance Tools, Supplies and Costs

Here are basic tools and supplies needed to perform a furnace tune up. Keep in mind, these tools do have a learning curve as well and once you factor the cost of the tools, it’s usually easier to let a pro handle the job.

  • Ohmmeter – $25 – $150 | Used for measuring electrical current and voltage continuity.
  • CO Sniffer / Detector – $75 – $450 | Used to detect small traces of carbon monoxide inside your furnace and vents and diagnose heat exchanger cracks and leaks.
  • Basic Hand Tools – $50 – $250 | Nut drivers, screwdrivers, wrenches, flashlight and other basic hand tools for furnace parts.
  • Shop Vacuum $75 – $300 | Basic shop vacuum with attachments for getting into small spaces.

Permits and Inspection Costs

A permit is not required, and there should not be additional labor costs unless a repair issue is discovered and the repair is completed.

Tune Up or Maintenance Completion Time

  • 1 to 2 hours per unit | Time needed for proper annual maintenance. The exact amount of time is determined by how dirty the furnace is, it’s age, where it’s located in your home (ease of access) and how many items are on the maintenance checklist.
Get Free Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up Cost Quotes

Get Free Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up Cost Quotes

Furnaces are a key part to your home heating and air system. Here are several related HVAC projects you might have interest in learning more about.

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DIY or Hire a Pro

Cleaning a furnace using a shop vacuum is easy if you re skilled handyman with the right tools. While you might be able to find helpful tutorials online, we recommend hiring a local heating and cooling company to maintain your furnace. There are two main reasons.

The first is that failing to have maintenance done per the instructions that came with your furnace might void the warranty.

Secondly, most homeowners don’t have the measurement and diagnostic tools used during routine furnace maintenance to ensure the furnace is safe and running as efficiently and dependably as it should.

Get Free Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up Cost Quotes

Get Free Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up Cost Quotes

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Why Is Annual Furnace Cleaning Important?

A furnace should run at peak efficiency at all times, or it's simply wasting your money. Annual cleaning will assure not only that it runs perfectly, but also get in front of dangerous issues that may occur, before they do.

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