How Much Does a Bathtub with Shower Replacement Cost?

Common Range: $650 to $8,290

National Average: $4,980, Installed

Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes
Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes
Updated: December 21, 2022, by: Steve Hansen

Cost Range for Bathtub & Shower Replacement

The cost range to replace a bathtub and shower combination is between $2,840 to $8,290, including the demolition, removal and installation of a new unit. A standard fiberglass bathtub with 3-wall shower kit will cost approximately $4,990 for pro installation from a contractor near you.

Average Cost

Average Do It Yourself Cost
Average Contractor Installed Cost
Typical Cost Range
$650 to $8,290

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Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes

Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes

Overview of Bathtub and Shower Replacement

If the bathtub in your home is out of style, stained, aging, or you just want to freshen up the look of the bathroom, it may be time to replace your old fiberglass tub and shower. Due to the extent of this kind of project it’s usually done as part of a complete bathroom remodel. However, in this Costimate we’re just going to cover how much a bathtub and shower replacement costs when done with a combination unit that includes both the tub and shower, as well as the minimum amount of related work and expenses (including unplanned expenses) you’ll have to deal with at the same time. If you have a cast iron tub, you might consider the cost of reglazing or refinishing the tub versus replacement.

This page of Costimates will help you understand more about how much it cost to replace a bathtub, the pricing variables for different shower types, as well as the controls and drain kit, plumbing, drywall repair and other related expenses you’ll have to deal with before completion. After reading this you’ll have a better understanding of how much work is involved in the best scenario, as well as hidden costs you need to budget for. We’ll help you evaluate whether it’s a DIY project or something you should turn over to a Pro. Further down you’ll find a comparison table listing the estimated cost for a tub replacement from other leading resources.

Bathtub Shower Combo Replacement Cost Factors

Now that you’ve chosen the have your bathtub and shower replaced, lets discuss the cost factors that are going to determine the difference between a simple $2,000 project, or a more costly $8,900 job.

  • Type of Tub / Shower Unit | There are several types of units you need to decide on before approaching this replacement. You might be able to use a standard, low cost 1-piece fiberglass unit, but if space limitations are a factor (they usually are) you may need to consider a bathtub with a 3-piece wall surround, or possibly a standalone bathtub with a ceramic tile surround.
  • Features in New Unit | New bathtubs have changed since your original was installed. You now have options that may include a large soaker size bathtub, whirlpool bathtubs, and more. You’ll also pay a premium for glass shower doors, ceramic tile walls and many other aesthetic and comfort features.
  • Space Limitations | As mentioned above, space limitations will have a large impact on what you can install. If your home was built with a one-piece fiberglass bathtub shower combo, they install them before all walls and doors are in place. Replacing it with a lower cost fiberglass, one-piece shower/tub combo sounds great, until you consider how you’ll get it into the bathroom, through doorways and around tight corners. There is no flexibility in the one piece units.
  • Current Plumbing and Fixtures | Replacing the bathtub and shower is only one part of this job. In most cases, you’ll also want to replace the tub faucet and showerhead and shower valve to newer products. If your plumbing is very old or out of current code, the moment it’s touched a plumber may be required to bring it up to code in many areas.
  • Condition of Floor and Walls | Since the bathroom is a wet room the floor beneath the bathtub and walls surrounding the shower may need repair from water damage. This is not always true, but when damage is found, it can add to the replacement cost very quickly.
  • Scope of the Bathroom Remodel | If you are only updating the bathtub at this time, you should be fine to stay within the price ranges we’ve shared on this page. However, if you plan to update flooring, faucets, the vanity, lighting, bathroom exhaust fan or anything else in the bathroom, you might consider looking at our complete bathroom remodeling cost guide.
Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes

Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes

Cost of Bathtub, Installation and Related Supplies

You’ll find plenty of options when you start considering a budget for bathtub replacement cost. Since this page is focused on replacing a shower / tub combo, those are the choices we’ll discuss. The list below is in order from the least expensive with the least amount of work, to the higher cost and higher workload.

  • Composite Tub and Shower Surround Kit – 60″ kits cost around $400 – $4,900.
    These systems are similar to fiberglass, with names like Vikrell, Polystyrene, Acrylic, etc. Although you can use one-piece units, they are usually comprised of a tub and set of matching panels that make up the shower surround walls and create a watertight shower and tub system. In most cases, the tub and walls are a matched kit.
  • One Piece Solid Fiberglass Enclosure – 60″ Fiberglass units cost around $650 – $2,800.
    Fiberglass enclosures have been the most widely used replacement for many years due to the complete watertight finish they provide. The only reason these are not listed as the easiest replacement, is that they require a lot of space to get the unit in and out of a bathroom. If you have a standard hallway width of 36-42 inches, you won’t easily get it into the bathroom.
  • Standalone Bathtub with Ceramic Tile Walls – 60″ tub with tile walls cost around $650 – $3,600
    The biggest cost variable in ceramic shower tile involves the tile you choose to put onto the walls for a finish. Standard subway tiles are one of the most popular choices not only due to lower cost, but ease of installation. Larger size and more expensive types of tile will not only add to the retail tile cost but also the installation cost due to more cutting, etc.
  • Bathtub and Shower Liners – $650 – $1,500 for Standard 60″ bathtubs, and up to $4,500 or more for more feature rich systems. Bathtub liners have quickly gained popularity in the remodeling space due to the quick turnaround and lower requirements when compared to a full replacement. Companies like Bathfitters, Re-Bath, and others are readily available and can usually have your bathtub and shower liner installed in just a few days after initial measuring.

Installation Supplies and Related Replacement Costs

Once you’ve decided to replace the shower in your bathroom, you’re going to need to plan on related expenses that may be incurred at the same time. In fact, it’s likely going to be cheaper to replace or update these items at the same time, since the work is already being done and the bathroom already being partially remodeled. The replacement cost at this time is going to be less if you decide to do later.

  • $100 – $350 | New Tub Faucet, Showerhead and Handles.
  • $25 – $350 | Disposal at Dump or Dumpster Rental Fees.
  • $25 – $150 | Miscellaneous Copper Pipe or Plumbing Supplies.
  • $45 – $100 | Shower Drain, Piping and Connectors
  • $20 – $75 | New Shower Curtain Rod and Curtain.
  • $125 – $1,800 | Glass Shower Doors.
  • $15 – $40 | Mortar Mix for Under Tub.
  • $10 – $30 | Spray Foam Insulation for Under Tub.
  • $100 – $450 | Replacement Toilet. (If tub is different color, you may want a new toilet as well)
  • $75 – $650 | New Vanity and Bathroom Sink.
  • $15 – $285/sqft | Ceramic Shower Wall Tiles
  • $25 – 450 | Bathroom Exhaust Fan.
  • $3 – $25 / Square Foot | New Bathroom Flooring. Since the floor is likely to be partially damaged during the tub removal, it makes sense to replace it during this time.
  • $20 – $75 | Caulking, Misc Nails, Screws, Fasteners and other Supplies.
  • $65 – $550 | Drywall Repair and Paint.
  • $330 – $1,750 | Wall or Floor Water Damage repair
Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes

Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes

Permits, Inspection, and Installation Costs

Permits and Inspection

  • $75 – $150 | Plumbing Inspection if Required by Local Code.

Installation Cost and Time

In most cases, the contractor installing your new shower or tub is going to include the labor as part of the total cost. Be prepared to add 10-20% to their price for unseen issues like floor rot, water damage to walls, etc.

In the case of water damage behind the existing bathtub enclosure, the costs can rise significantly if there is serious damage that requires wall studs or floor joists to be replaced. In addition, if mold is found after removal, be prepared for additional costs based on the amount and type of mold found.

Completed Installation Time

  • 2 – 4 days | Simple Installation and Replacement, Few Other Updates.
  • 3 – 5 days | Most Common Installation, with Few Other Updates.
  • 5 – 14 days | Larger, Extensive, or more Difficult Installations with Damaged Wood or Mold
Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes

Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes

Everyone loves a new shower and bathtub – but what about the rest of those bathroom related projects around your home? Explore these other common bathroom and home remodeling projects.

Are You a Plumber or Bathtub Installer?

If so, head over to our Costimates Pro’s page, and help us make this page better and more accurate for both our visitors and your future customers.

DIY or Hire a Pro

I’ve remodeled by own bathroom completely, and also replaced just a tub and shower enclosure. If you’re very handy, this could be a DIY project. In most cases however, its not. This is one of those jobs that regardless of how you choose to do it, it’s best to talk to a contractor and get an idea of the depth of the project. In the end, if you choose to do it yourself, realize that any mistakes you make are going to cost more to be repaired by a professional. Also realize that doing it wrong, a mistake in plumbing or drain lines, can result in significant damages to other areas of your home.

  • Need a lot of tools.
  • Ability to sweat or join copper piping.
  • You’ll need a helper or two from start to finish.
  • Specialized tools for plumbing.
  • Carpentry, Drywall and Painting skills.

I consider myself a very able handyman, 8/10 on my skill level. While I have done many bathroom remodeling projects in the past, this is one that I would leave to the pros if money was not a factor. If you consider yourself a very good handyman, give it a shot!

Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes

Get Bathtub Replacement Cost Quotes

Compare Costs from Leading Resources

  • HomeAdvisor: $4,140 - $10,830, Typical Cost Range
  • Fixr: $1,500 - $10,000, Depending on Scope of Project
  • Bathroom Pros of NJ: $2,000 - $10,000, Depending on Type and Finishes
  • HomeServe: $1,000 - $5,000, Replacement Cost Range
  • HomeGuide: $800 – $4,600, Average Total Cost

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