Fences and Retaining Walls

Fences and Retaining Wall Costs

Having a fence or retaining wall at your home is not uncommon. In fact, adding a new fence is one of the first major home improvements many young families take on as a DIY project, or have installed by a professional. Retaining walls are commonly added to shore up the side of a hill, or to add to your landscaping with either wood or decorative blocks.

In this section, you can review fence and retaining wall cost comparisons from both our local pros and other homeowners like yourself. If you’re unsure of all your options, read our guide on Yard Fencing and Types of Fencing for your Home. It’s very thorough, and helped many homeowners choose the right type of fence.

Fencing Cost Calculators on Our Site

The links below contain cost calculators to help you get a “ballpark” cost of a new fence.

Fence Cost Estimate Guides

black metal aluminum fence
How Much Does an Aluminum Fence Cost? $28 - $36 Per Foot, Installed The cost for 120 linear feet of a 4 foot tall aluminum
Landscaping Retaining Wall Made Out of Block
How Much do Block Retaining Walls Cost? $16 Per Square Foot, Installed The average cost to install a block retaining wall is about $16 per
invisible fence collar sensor
How Much Does it Cost to Install an Invisible Fence? $2.50 / Foot, Installed The cost for invisible or wireless fencing is around $2.50 /
paint or stain a wood fence
The average cost to hire a professional to paint stain a wood fence is $2,400 for a 250-foot fence. The average is $9.60 per linear
old split rail fence
How Much Does a Split Rail Fence Cost? $12 - $18 / Foot, Installed The cost of a wooden split rail fence will depend on
white vinyl pvc fence installed
How Much Does a Vinyl Fence Cost? $20 - $36 Per Foot, Installed The cost of a 100' vinyl fence, 4 feet tall with 2
white picket fence in front of house
How Much Does a Wooden Picket Fence Cost? $24 Per Foot, Installed Having a wooden picket fence installed around your yard costs around $24 per
end of retaining wall
Wood or Timber Retaining Wall Cost $16 - 28 / Sqft Installed The average cost to install a timber retaining wall is about $10 per
new wooden privacy stockade fence installed
Calculate the cost of a wooden privacy fence for your home or business.