Compare Flooring Project Costs

Flooring is one of the most common items replaced in a home. In this section of Costimates, we’ll share flooring installation and replacement costs. Whether you’re pulling up old carpet to replace with new carpet, installing tile in your bathroom or kitchen, or putting in hardwood flooring throughout your home, you can compare flooring costs for all types.

bamboo flooring installed in a modern livingroom
$1.90 - $8.00 / Sqft.
rolls of old carpet for disposal before replacing
$3.25 - $12.50/ sq.ft.
cork floor in kids playroom
$2.50 - $11.00 / Sqft
new laminate floor being installed
$3.30 to $9.25/sq.ft.
new marble floor in bathroom
$11.00 - $15.00 / Square Foot
porcelain tile floor in modern bathroom
$10.00 - $16.00 / Square Foot
new wood floors in an empty room
$6 - $26 / Square Foot
new vinyl flooring being installed
$3.35 - $5.75 / Square Foot