Fireplace and Chimney

Compare Fireplace, Gas Log, Wood Stove and Chimney Projects

A fireplace is usually the focal point of of the main living area in your home. It can also be used for heating your home during cold winter nights, or just to remove a chill in the morning. Fireplaces and Chimneys also need to be properly maintained to avoid fire risks, and major damage to your home. In this section, explore the costs related to your fireplace, chimney and flue systems in your home.

chimney cap
How Much Does a New Chimney Cap Cost? 150 - $200, Installed The cost to install a chimney cap on your fireplace is around $45
worker cleaning chimney from ladder
Cost for Chimney Cleaning and Inspection $150 - $280 The average cost to have your chimney inspected and cleaned is about $220 for a 1-2
clay roof chimney tile replacement
Review the cost if replacing a terra-cotta or clay chimney flue with a new clay flue liner in your fireplace.
electric fireplace in drywall wall
Compare Electric Fireplace Costs Average DIY $220 Average Pro $625 Typical Range $400 - $850 Low End $55 High End $2,100 The average cost of
brick fireplace with fire burning
Chimney Damper Replacement Costs $180, Installed The average cost to repair or replace the damper in your fireplace or chimney is around $60 for damper
gas line running a gas stove with flames showing
The cost to install a natural gas line to a new appliance runs an average of $24 per linear foot. The price range is between
gas log fireplace cost comparison
How Much Does A Gas Log Fireplace Cost? $1,365, Installed The average cost of a gas log fireplace is around $250 for a basic set
gas line shut off valve installed on furnace
The cost of installing a gas line shut off valve to an appliance or furnace, costs around $450 installed by a local Plumber. The price
chimney liner being installed
How Much Does a Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Cost? $425 - $2,840 Installed The cost to have a stainless steel chimney liner installed in your
modern pellet stove
Cost of a Wood Pellet Stove $1,550 - $3,110 Installed The average cost to purchase and install a pellet stove is around $1,370 for a