How Much Does a Wood Privacy Fence Cost?

Common Range: $25 – $45 Per Linear Foot

National Average: $29.90 / Foot Installed

Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes
Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes
Updated: January 26, 2023, by: Steve Hansen

Cost Range for Privacy Fence Installation

The cost to install a 6 foot tall privacy or wooden stockade fence is generally between $25 – $45 per linear foot, when installed by a fence installer near you. If you are a DIY homeowner, expect the cost to be around $14 – $17 per foot, not including tool rental.

When you hire a fence installation company you can expect them to have your property lines marked in advance of the day the fence installation is started. First they’ll measure and use a powered post hole digger to dig the post holes, corner holes and gate holes. Once the holes are in place, they’ll install the posts and cement them in place as needed. Once the cement has set, they’ll install the remainder of the wood privacy fence, gates, and any other features you requested in your quote. After the fence is installed they’ll clean the area and finish the fence installation.

Average Cost of a 6′ Privacy Fence

The average cost to have a 6′ privacy fence installed around your yard is $29.90 per foot. This includes the site inspection from a fence contractor, having your property lines marked and permit pulled when required. The cost of all materials and labor to install a privacy fence, as well cleanup when the job is complete.

Average Do It Yourself Cost
$15.60 / Linear Foot
Average Contractor Installed Cost
$29.90 / Linear Foot
Typical Cost Range
$25 – $45, Per Linear Foot

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Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes

Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes

Overview of Wood Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences are a great addition to any property and one of the more common projects that homeowners ask us, and local fence installers about. Enclosing your back yard with a stockade fence gives your children a safe place to play, they prevent your animals from getting loose, and unlike a chain linked fence, they add some privacy to your yard and can look very nice when stained or painted. Cost will vary, depending mostly on the materials you choose, the style of fencing materials or panels, the size or length needed, gates and other features, as well as installation difficulties on your property.

This Costimate will help you get a better idea of the materials you’ll need, the various factors that determine prices, and how you’ll spend to install a wooden or privacy stockade fence yourself, as well as how much privacy fence costs, when you to hire a professional to do the job.

Wood Privacy Fence Cost Calculator

Complete the section below, then customize the fence project to your needs.

Wooden Fence Price Calculator

Fence Installation and Accessories

Now, lets walk through the installation details, add the gates you'll need, as well as other considerations dealing with the installation of your new privacy fence.
How Many Gates Do You Need?
Gates will be the same size as fence, with all hardware, hinges and installation included.
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Based on the information above, you can expect your wood privacy fence cost to be within the price ranges below, which includes the cost of all material and supplies (Fence, posts, concrete, etc), installation if selected, local permits, utility locating, and property survey to locate exact property lines.

Privacy Fencing Cost Factors

The two main factors that will determine the cost of your wooden privacy fence are the materials and the size of space you plan to enclose. Understanding these factors will help you get the most accurate price estimate. We’ll be basing our estimates off the 6 foot wooden privacy fence, as this is the most popular size. Consider adding 15-20% to the time and cost of your project if you plan on building a seven or eight foot privacy fence.

  • Type of Material – The most cost effective type of wood is the standard treated pine. You can expect to spend much more if you decide to use something more durable like redwood or vinyl fence panels.
  • Prebuilt Panels or Onsite Construction – For most standard sizes, you can choose prebuilt fence panels or choose to have the fence built on-site. The premade fence panels may save you a bit of money up front, but a stick-built fence, built onsite to the lay of the land and with better materials will last longer, and in most cases, look better.
  • Size of Yard or Area – Your costs will increase as the length of fencing goes up. Larger spaces require more materials as well as labor.
  • Number of Gates – Each gate installed will increase your price, as you will need to install more posts, as well as hinges, latches and locks.
  • Finishing Touch – Consider the finishing touches you will want to put on your newly installed privacy fence. Post caps, patterns and stain/paint will all drive the price up but can really improve the look of your fence.
  • Local Permits or Inspections – Getting a fence permit is common, having it inspected after the job is done, is not. This cost, while not significant should be included in your privacy fence quote if required.
  • Time of Year and Demand for Installers – Spring time is the busiest time of year for fence installation. If you decide to install a privacy fence in mid April, it’s likely going to you a bit more due to the fence contractors near you being very busy. If you can wait, you may save a bit of money by installing a privacy fence in late fall or early winter, as long as ground freezing is not an issue where you live.
Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes

Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes

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Fencing and Installation Supplies Cost Details

Once you’ve determined what type of wood you will use and how large of a space you need to enclose, you can expect to spend the following prices on your materials. Remember, when you estimate materials and supplies, add 10% for cutting, oddities and gates.

  • $40 – $60 ea. | Pre-assembled, 6′ x 8′ pressure treated pine fence panels.
  • $60 – $80 ea | Pre-assembled vinyl panel in 6-8 foot heights
  • $1.50 – $2.50 ea. | Individual 6″ x 5/8″ x 6′ pickets (you’ll need 2 pickets per foot of fence – not needed for pre-assembled panels)
  • $3.50 – $4.50 ea. | 2″ x 4″ x 8′ Pressure Treated lumber (3 x total fence length, in 8′ lengths)
  • $6 – $12 ea. | 8′ or 9′ 4×4 or Round Fence posts – You’ll need to install 1 post every 8 feet, as well as 2 posts per gate. 9′ posts are recommended for a 6′ tall privacy fence.
  • $3 – $5 ea. | Bag of concrete – The number of bags you need will depend on the soil in your area. Estimate that you will use 2 bags for every 3 posts.
  • $3 – $5 ea. | Bag of gravel – To avoid moisture buildup around your post, it is recommended that you place 2-4 inches of gravel at the bottom of each post hole. Estimate that you’ll use 1-bag for every 4 posts.
  • $10 – $40 ea. | Set of Hinges & Latches – The number of gates and type of latches you decide on will determine how much you spend here.
  • $60 – $80 per Day | 1 or 2 Man Powered Auger – Save yourself a lot of time and energy by renting an auger to dig your post holes.
  • $30 – $40 | Nails, Screw, and other various hardware.

Note: While it might seem advantageous to buy your own materials and hire a contractor to install the privacy fence, it’s worth getting estimates that include the materials, first. Fencing companies that complete several projects every week, will get better pricing that you from suppliers.

Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes

Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes

Permits, Inspection, and Installation Costs

Permits and Inspection

Installing a six foot privacy fence may seem like a standard job, but you’ll want to check your local laws regarding permits, especially if you decide to go above 6 feet. You’ll also need to consider any HOA laws in your neighborhood to make sure that you are not violating bylaws. Make sure you do not skip this step, you do not want to find out the hard way that the fence you just built violates HOA or city regulations.

  • $0 – $75 | Before digging your posts you will need to call 811 to have your utility lines marked so that you do not hit anything when digging. Most areas of the US provide this service for free.
  • $275 – $450 | Property line survey – If you are more of a DIY person you can borrow, rent or buy a metal detector and locate the property pins in the ground that mark your property lines.

Privacy Fence Installation Labor Costs

The price of labor can vary drastically from company to company. We recommend that you get at least 3 estimates if you plan on hiring somebody to install your privacy fence. Consider the following factors in the cost of labor:

  • Linear feet of Fencing – The more fence you have installed, the longer it will take to install.
  • Type of Area – If your yard is full of trees, hills, and other challenges, more planning and work is going to go into the project.
  • Condition of Soil – Hard soil, rocks, or other conditions that make the job harder will surely impact the time and cost of installation.
  • Removal of Old Fencing – Digging out old posts and scrapping the old materials is a project of its own and you can expect a big increase in pricing if you are removing an existing fence.

Completed Installation Time

If you are planning to install a wooden privacy fence yourself you can use the following guide to determine how long it will take:

  • 2 – 4 Days | For a standard 150 – 200 foot privacy fence with no obstructions.
  • 3 – 5 Days | If you will be working on hills, maneuvering around trees, or adding multiple gates you should add an extra day or two to the scope of your project.
  • 4 – 6 Days | Removing old fencing and posts, bigger yards, and fancy finishing touches will add more time to the installation. Add extra time if you plan to stain your fence as well.
Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes

Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes

Privacy fences are a wonderful addition to every home. Here are several related fence installation and maintenance projects you might be in reading.

Are You a Pro Fence Installer?

If so, head over to our Costimates Pro’s page, and help us make this page better and more accurate for both our visitors and your future customers.

DIY or Hire a Pro

Putting up a privacy fence is a very popular do-it-yourself project for many handy homeowners, with a good selection of tools and a few friends. Although you might consider doing it on your own, it’s still worth your time to talk to a few local fence companies to get their professional feedback and ideas of what you want to accomplish.

You might find that an area you want a gate is not going to work, or any other number of design and layout ideas they have, just from installing fences for so long. You’ll also appreciate the amount of work in front of you and the expertise needed.

  • Requires strong back the carry lumber, and at least one friend or helper to help with positioning, carrying, digging, etc.
  • Familiarity with a wide array of hand tools, math, power tools.

I’ve installed a few fences of my own over the last 30 years and helped with several others. I’ve also paid to have them installed. With common sense, good math skills and a good working knowledge of power tools, it’s not a hard project – except on your back and muscles.

Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes

Get Free Privacy Fence Cost Quotes

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Common Questions and Answers

How Much Does an 6' Privacy Fence Cost?

A 6 foot tall privacy fence costs around $29.80 per foot, installed by a pro near you.

How Much Does an 8' Privacy Fence Cost?

Expect to pay about $40 per linear foot to have an 8 foot tall privacy fence installed.

How Soon after Installation Can I Stain a Wood Fence

Wooden fences can be stained immediately after they are installed as long as the wood is dry.

How Long Does a Wood Fence Last?

With proper installation and care, a wooden privacy fence should last 20-30 years.

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