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Share the Cost and Details of Your Home Project

Updated: September 30, 2021

Whether you’re a homeowner who just replaced their own faucet, or a Contractor who installs decks every day of the week, we’d love to have you share your experience with the community. Part of what makes Costimates different, is that we’re focused ALL ABOUT the cost of various home improvements, repairs and well, anything you do around your house. It’s hard to get reliable price estimates, and our goal is to make that easier through crowd-sourcing and location awareness.

When we originally put Costimates together, we planned to have a project submission form at the bottom of every one of our cost estimate pages. After talking to a few of you, we realized that its just too much on one page, so we moved the project cost sharing for to its own page. Now, anytime you browse the website and see the banner below, you can jump to the page, quickly and easily submit a project that you completed for yourself or a customer.

share project banner

We truly hope you enjoy the new feature – it’s already being used regularly, and further contributions from visitors like yourself will help make our home improvement and repair estimates the best available.

Thanks again,

Steve, Editor – Costimates.com