snowy home in winter

5 Home Projects with Best Pricing During Winter

Updated: September 30, 2021

Last month, we set back our clocks and talked about several projects that this time of year, reminds us to complete. Things like cleaning out your gutters, changing batteries, etc. This month, I want to share several home improvement projects you can get done during the winter, that will save you the most money by completing now.

1 – Have a Retaining Wall installed.

During the winter months, most ground foliage around your home dies off. This is the perfect time to install a retaining wall, since much of the ground work will be lessened by the lack of growth. The better reason, is that landscapers are slow during winter and need work to keep them busy. You’ll save 15-20% by hiring a landscaper when they are not busy.

2 – Cut Down Troublesome Trees

Mid-winter doesn’t seem like the right time to remove trees, but it is. The main reason is that trees shed all their leaves during the fall, which makes them easier to not only cut, but also clean up after. You’ll save 10-15% of the cost of tree removal, by doing so in the winter months.

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3 – Replace Your Concrete or Asphalt Sidewalk or Driveway

Everyone knows that road, sidewalks and driveways are usually done in the warmer months, when workers are happy to work outside. What you didn’t realize, is that those same companies still need to meet payroll during the winter, when its slow.  By replacing your driveway or sidewalks during the winter, you’ll save around 10-20% on the cost of both removal and replacement.

4 – Have the Central AC Unit Replaced

If your AC unit is old and in need of replacement, pick the fairest weather day you can over the winter months and call out 3-4 local heating and air companies for a replacement quote. Chances are, they are pretty slow when there is no extreme cold or extreme hot weather customers to deal with. You can save up to 20% of the cost by replacing your ac unit in the middle of the winter, when HVAC companies are at their slowest.

5 – Install a Privacy Fence

Just like the retaining wall listed above, you can save up to 20% by installing a privacy fence in the colder months of the year, when others aren’t. The main reasons are that contractors are slow during this time of year, and assuming the ground is not frozen, there is less foliage and ground cover to clear out of the way.

What Other Projects do You Complete During the Winter to Save Money?