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The 31 Best Websites to learn About Home Flooring

Have you got questions about new flooring for your home? We might not have all the answers, but one of the websites or businesses below will.

Updated: September 30, 2021

If you’re in the market for new flooring in your home, you probably have many questions. Don’t feel alone, we’ve talked with many homeowners over the years who simply don’t know which direction to take when it comes to replacing the flooring inside their home. Whether your questions are about pet friendly floors, flooring costs, the latest trends, or the ROI from putting money into something that you literally do nothing more than clean and walk on, we’re here to help.

This home information guide is going to take the guesswork out of finding the best flooring websites to learn about, and find answers to your nagging questions. So far, we’ve got around 28 websites and places listed but it changes regularly.

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Choosing the Right Type of Flooring

Can’t decide between new carpet or pulling it up and having tile, linoleum or hardwood installed? This section has links to the best guides we’ve found.

Consumer Reports – A great guide on the various flooring types and reasons why you would choose or not choose, for specific rooms. Chock full of great information.

The Spruce – Instead of focusing on the room and/flooring, the Spruce focuses on how you live in that specific room. Do you have pets? Is it a wet room like laundry or kitchen, etc. A nice guide for choosing floors in your home.

House Logic – The guide at House Logic focuses on the “Do’s and Don’ts” of buying a new floor for a space in your home. It’s very intuitive in the way they walk you through the decision process.

Good Housekeeping – Similar to the Spruce link above, Good Housekeeping puts the task of choosing the right floor for each room, on how you live in the room. It gives great examples of why and why-not to choose a specific floor for each space.

Return on Flooring Investment

Nobody likes to spend money and get little to nothing back for it, especially when it comes to home improvement costs! This section contains links to the money guys who help you understand the best return on investment from new flooring.

Contractor Culture – A page that walks through the initial cost and expectation of return on all various types of flooring. A great list of reasons why you should choose one over the other, when cost and return on investment is a major concern.

Centura – A tile manufacturer, has a good overview of which types of flooring have the greatest ROI for your money.

Flooring Inc – A very well written and informative page about choosing a new floor when you plan on selling your home.

My Opinion: If you’re selling your home in the very near future, I believe that if the existing flooring is not in bad shape, you’re better off leaving the flooring in place and doing nothing short of cleaning and making them presentable to the prospective buyers. Ask yourself… Do you want to spend several thousand dollars to replace all carpets with hardwood, only to find that some buyers would have preferred carpet? Instead, just keep that money in the bank and allow the buyer to ask for a credit when purchasing the home, to replace the flooring to their own liking.

When we purchased our home, it had all new contractor grade carpet throughout. We pulled most of it up within the first year and replaced with hardwood, higher grade carpet, etc. They could have saved that cash for themselves and we’d have asked for a small credit on purchase price when we bought it.

Home Flooring Costs

You know we have to include a section on cost estimates, we are “Costimates” after all… the best place on the web to learn about estimated home improvement costs. In this section, we include website links to help you learn how much you can expect to spend on new flooring for your home.

Home Flooring Pros – The page provides detailed information that you can use to calculate how much flooring and related supplies you’ll need for the job. They also have different sections on the site dedicated to each type of flooring that have detailed pricing guides for that specific type.

Better Homes and Gardens – A nice slideshow of sorts, talking about each main type of flooring for your home, the cost, resilience and other factors.

HGTV – Combines a great buying guide with the cost of each type featured on their page. Great information about why you’d choose, plus what it’s going to cost you per square foot, with installation.

ImproveNet – A highly detailed guide to flooring costs for each type, as well as a great list of why and why not you’d consider buying each.

Life Hacker – While not heavy on information, it contains a nice graphic that outlines each type of flooring, it’s pros and cons, as well as whether or not that specific type of flooring is good for a DIY project.

Home Advisor – This specific page at HA is filled with great information on flooring cost comparisons, but the detail pages they link to are somewhat thin and lacking detail.

Consumer Reports – Once again, consumer reports comes through with one of the better pages we’ve found for information related to home flooring pricing. You get not only the cost of flooring, but pictures with pros and cons for each type as well.

Websites that Cater to the DIY’er In Us All

DIY Network – This page has a little bit of something for every do-it-yourself homeowner when it comes to home flooring, floors in general, and everything in between. Whether you’re replacing a hardwood floor or have to get into the subfloor to make repairs before putting down new linoleum, you’ll find a great tutorial on the site.

Home Depot – If you plan to install a wood laminate floor, The Home Depot has one of the better tutorials I’ve found for the DIY’er in you. Between the clear and well illustrated step by step instructions, as well as a few videos to watch someone else doing it, you’ll learn what you need to, quickly.

Floor and Decor – The How-to section of their video library has a good selection of custom made videos to help with various flooring projects in your home.

Family Handyman – Everything the DIY’er wants to know about the floors in your home. From fixing those annoying squeaks, to replacing sub-floors and everything in between.

Do It Yourself – The flooring category of the well-known DIY site has a complete library of informative content all about the floors in your home. Whether you’re getting ready to install your own tile floor or refinish wood floors, you’re sure to find information to help make the project go smoothly.

Flooring Calc – A very useful tool for DIY’er who need to know how much flooring they need to purchase for the space they’re buying for. Pop in your room measurements, choose the type of flooring and the calculator automatically adds the waste percentage and tells you how much to buy.

Pictures of Newly Installed Flooring

Everyone likes pictures and we do too! In this section, we’ll point you to the best places to find flooring pictures, before and after pictures, and much more… well, as long as it has to do with flooring pictures!

Raven Flooring – A nicely done gallery of before and after pictures of floor refinishing, new wood floors and much more.

Pinterest – Not much beats the pictures you can find on Pinterest when it comes to pictures of new flooring. Sure, you may have to sift through some of the garbage to find the right pictures, but I promise… you’ll have fun looking and find exactly what you need within a few clicks.

Armstrong Flooring – This manufacturer knows how to showoff its own products! The gallery of flooring pictures is full of completed rooms with the different types they manufacture and sell.

Elle Decor – While I don’t usually link to a category or index of pages, this section of the Elle Decor site is one of the most thorough I have seen. They have hundreds of pages of content full of flooring pictures that will not only get your attention, but let you visualize what the new flooring will look like in your home.

Houzz – Can you say flooring pictures? How about more than 3 million photos of home flooring projects on the site! Houzz is a great place to go to fuel ideas and inspiration for your next flooring project.

Flooring Retailers With Local Showrooms

If you prefer to get dressed and shop for flooring in a local store with real live people you can talk to, we’ve got those also! In this section, we list stores you can visit in most towns across the USA. While we can’t promise there’s one near you, chances are there is.

Home Depot – Complete flooring department that is staffed by pros who can answer your questions.

Lowes – Just like the other superstore listed above, Lowes staffs its flooring centers with people who know flooring. I’ve never had a bad experience when buying flooring from Lowes, whether it was for a DIY project or I went in with my flooring guy to help me get the right products for him to install.

Lumber Liquidators – While they might not be everywhere, the retailer does seem to have a local presence in just about every US large city.

Floor and Decor – Quickly expanding throughout the US to provide home flooring options at the local level.

Flooring America – With more than 500 stores around the USA and more being added every month, there’s sure to be one within reach of just about every major city.

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