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101 of The Best Home Improvement Websites for Homeowners!

The Internet is a huge place with hundreds of home improvement websites, chock full of great information. Since search engines don’t always get it right, we put the 101 of the best home improvement websites on this page for you to save, bookmark, share and enjoy.

Updated: December 5, 2022

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Like many people who want to tackle a home repair or renovation project, you probably have a lot of questions about what you need to accomplish. While we try to point you in the right direction for information that’s important to your purposes, we may not have it all. Here’s a comprehensive list of the best home improvement websites where you can find answers to your questions.

No matter what your project, this comprehensive guide will take the uncertainty of which home improvement website is the best for your needs. We’ve divided the guide into easy-to-use sections that will direct you to information for your particular project. Some home improvement websites will appear more than once due to their strength of knowledge about a particular area of renovation.

DIY Home Improvement and Repair Sites

Even if you are handy around the house and would like to save some money by doing the work yourself, chances are you’ll want to know the best way to do something. The list of diy home improvement resources below is a great place to start for renovations and home repairs.

DIY Network – Practical, comprehensive advice abounds here. Search for any topic via the A-Z listing. The site also is full of videos that show renovation projects step by step. You’ll also find current trends here if you’re searching for inspiration.

This Old House – Although one may think of this comprehensive site as being completely devoted renovating to older homes, that’s not the case. Yes, you’ll find plenty of information focusing on the problems of renovating an older residence, including how to find pieces that will match the integrity of your home. However, you’ll also find lots of basic how-to information and well as trending topics.

Bob Vila – Information is organized in several ways here. Click the top buttons for how-to articles, design ideas and to find product information. You can even discuss your problems with other DIYers in the website’ forum.

Family Handyman – For the most complete information on DIY, you’ll find it at Family Handyman. This website, part of the Reader’s Digest family of publications has all kinds of detailed and accurate how-to information on virtually every subject on home improvement. If you can’t find it anywhere else, chances are you’ll find it here.

Today’s Homeowner – Another comprehensive website that has information on a wide variety of subjects, Today’s Homeowner organizes its subjects via drop-down menus so you can find your topic quickly. The website also has a wealth of videos, many of which feature television host and site founder Danny Lipford.

Retro Renovation – This DIY site covers a niche market, namely how to renovate your home in 20th century and vintage style. Retro Renovation also provides safety information regarding problems often found in older homes, such as asbestos or electrical issues, and gives you advice on how to tackle those problems.

Young House Love – This interesting website is run by a married couple who originally started out as bloggers. If you want family-friendly advice on renovation projects, this is the place to find it.

Remodelaholic – Are you looking for information on how the average homeowner can accomplish a remodeling job? You’ll find it here. Lot’s of content here, along with how to meet your budget goals, although the site can be hard to navigate.

Centsational Style Projects – The projects folder at Kate’s site is full of gold for those of you looking for an interesting, affordable and creative project to take on around the house.

Home Improvement and Repair Costs and Estimates

Home Advisor – This is arguably the granddaddy of project costs websites because of its depth and ease of use. You’ll be able to find costs for over 300 types of projects simply by using the search engine on the homepage. What’s great about Home Advisor is that your search will give you a range of costs as well as an average price.

Costhelper – This site not only details costs for a number of home renovation projects but also provides information on average prices that contributors pay for all kinds of goods and services. You’ll find a search engine here, but it will often send you to other websites for prices. Try using the home and garden button for a more definitive search.

The Home Depot – If you’re looking to get a good idea of how much material you will need for your home remodeling project along with its cost, this is a decent site to discover such information. Just be aware that the prices you receive may be skewed to what this retailer offers.

Fixr.com – If you’re looking for average costs for a variety of projects, Fixr.com is your source. In addition to average costs, you’ll find information there that will detail costs in categories such as plumbing, electrical and woodworking. Another plus is Fixr give estimates on the resale value of homes following an upgrade.

Remodeling Contractor – The site’s home remodeling cost calculator allows you to estimate prices in your area through several different factors. These include fields such as project type, subtype, size, quality of materials and the region where you live. The site also has a comprehensive remodeling guide that is updated annually to give your further information on common projects.

Costimates – Of course I’m going to include our own website in this list! We are after all, one of the leading resources for homeowner who want to not only learn about various aspects of their project, but also the cost variables that will affect what they pay.

HVAC | Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Most HVAC work should be performed by professions, but these sites will help educate you on basic maintenance and what you can expect.

Maytag HVAC Blog – Make sure you go to the blog part of the site for pertinent information instead of the homepage where you’ll have to sift through product descriptions. The blogs offer a wealth of information such as basic maintenance and how to set your thermostat. Make sure to read the facts page for other timely topics.

WebHVAC – This is the place to go if you want extensive brand reviews along with estimates on installing systems that interest you. The site’s mission is to educate homeowners so they can make educated choices about choosing and installing new heating and air conditioning systems. You’ll find “best of” articles here along with buying guides and general information about HVAC systems.

Central Heating and Air Conditioning – Don’t let the fact that this website is from a Cleveland-based business fool you. Navigate immediately to the blog button to get a wealth of information on what to expect when upgrading your system, as well as handy articles such as maintenance checklists and guides.

High Performance HVAC – Comprehensive information about all types of HVAC-related systems are what you will find here. This website also offers links for additional reading, if you so desire. You’ll also find helpful tips located at the foot of each page. For those who need visuals to boost their understanding of a subject, High Performance HVAC also has a wealth of illustrations and diagrams.

JC Heating and Cooling – This is another local website that provides excellent information about a wide range of topics no matter where you are located. You’ll find helpful hints under the solutions button, but the bulk of the information is located under blogs, including the HVAC Educational Guide, which is a comprehensive listing of HVAC knowledge. The guide also provides other outbound links for additional information.

Pick HVAC – This is another website devoted primarily to comprehensive reviews on heat pumps, ductless systems, geothermal heat, furnaces, boilers and bundled systems. You’ll also find average prices for HVAC units. Pick HVAC also offers in-depth comparisons are the types of systems available along with a section devoted to common troubleshooting tips to help you with maintenance.

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning – This is a national company with franchises throughout the United States and you’ll find information here that affects all climates. It’s all organized in an easy-to-find-menu on the right side of the page, where the blogs are organized by topic. You’ll even find information on topics such as how to maintain your system when you have pets.

Plumbing and Mechanical

Plumbing is another grey area when it comes to home improvement. Some jobs can be done by homeowners, but when the going gets tough, hire an expert.

Plumbing Mart – At first glance, Plumbing Mart appears to be a sales site, but it is more of a clearinghouse for all types of plumbing information. Click on the plumbing information/education pages to get general information on your chosen topic. You can also scroll down for other websites that include plumbing forums where you can ask questions, supply sites and more.

Consumer Affairs-Best Online Bathroom Fixtures & Plumbing Companies – Consumer Affairs features many different buyers’ guides to help homeowners purchase items that fit their needs. If you’re looking for information on what fixture to put in a remodel along with contractor ratings, this is a good place to start.

Howstuffworks Plumbing Basics – You won’t find any deep knowledge here, yet Howstuffworks gives you a good overview on how your plumbing system works. Topics covered here include drainage systems and subsystems, how water is supplied to your home, shutoff valves and similar basics.

Construction Knowledge – Plumbing – This website is targeted to professionals, but the information here is easy enough for DIY warriors to understand. You’ll find lots of technical information and illustrations here.

Roofing and Roof Repair

Roofing can be overwhelming, but if you are handy and willing to read through all that involves, you can accomplish many tasks on your own.

DIY Network – Roofing – This is one of the most extensive sections in the DIY Network website. You can learn everything here from basic repair to more involved work. Particularly helpful are the articles on the anatomy of a roof, roofing tool basics, roofing components and the buyer’s guide.

Owens Corning – Roofing – As one of the major manufacturers of roofing materials, Owens Corning also has an extensive section on its website to educate customers. You’ll find helpful information here such as DIY roofing, what to expect when getting a new roof, choosing a contractor and a contractor checklist.

IKO Roofing- Roofing 101 – Here’s another roofing materials manufacturer that aims to educate the public so that they can better choose products for their home. Here you’ll find basic information in addition to roofing technology trends, proper attic ventilation, ice and water protection and odd facts about shingles.

Godfrey Roofing Inc. – Looking for signs that your roof needs replacement? You’ll find it here. Other helpful information includes how to make your roof more environmentally friendly and what to do when disaster strikes.

Roofing Calculator – This is the site to go to if you’re planning on doing the job yourself or if you simply want any idea of how much materials will cost for your roof. There’s a handy roofing calculator that lets you input specifications for total cost, plus a calculator to determine the cost of shingles. Plus, you’ll also find loads of basic information.

National Roofing Contractors Association – The homeowners’ section of this industry website has sound information in a variety of drop-down menus. You’ll find multiple links to other resources and a tool to help you find a reliable contractor via zip code or state listings.

GAF – Another provider of roofing materials, GAF gives readers an entire tutorial on how to install a roof, conveniently divided into six steps. The seventh point covers common roof repairs. There’s also a Roof Project Planning Center where you’ll find additional resources.

Modernize – Roofing Information and Ideas for Homeowners – Go to the Roofing information on the right side of the page where you’ll find a drop-down menu. This site also has a roofing calculator, tips to estimate the size of your roof and other useful information organized into easy-to-find articles.


Choosing flooring for your home renovation can be confusing because so many different choices are available, each with their own advantages. These sites can help you make sense of it.

Armstrong Flooring – Guide to Flooring Types – This manufacturer provides a good overview of the different types of flooring and where each may be installed. Click on the flooring types for additional information.

Mohawk Flooring – Here’s another manufacturer with extensive information on many different flooring types. Mohawk concentrates on its own products and technologies, but it’s still a good source for learning.

The Floor Stores – This is a San Francisco Bay-based flooring chain that offers a wealth of information for consumers on its website. Here you’ll find information and guides on carpet, laminate, stone, tile luxury vinyl and even area rugs, along with general questions, care, installation and even inspiration.

Home Flooring Pros – A good looking site stacked with in-depth information on every type of flooring. Buying, installation, price and cleaning guides for all major flooring types, supplemented with hundreds of posts covering flooring how-tos, design ideas and product reviews.

Carpet Professor – Carpeting is just meant for some rooms and if you can get through this amateurish site, you’ll know almost everything. Start with some of the links on the left side, as the main page is cumbersome. Readers will find links all the way through, leading to lots of comprehensive information, including how to find carpeting contractors.

Carpet Captain – You’ll not only find a guide to selecting and installing carpet here, you’ll also find guides for hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl. This site also has pages that are long and unwieldy, but each section is divided into sections that make it a bit easier to navigate.

Carpeting and Rug Institute – Make sure you click on the carpeting button for additional information on indoor air quality, installation tiles, benefits, selection and more you can even find information here on selecting green carpeting.

Architectural Digest – How to Choose & Install Hardwood Floors: A Complete Guide – This is comprehensive detailing of what you need to know about hardwood surfaces and includes information such how to install hardwood, engineered floors, types of wood, finishes and the like. You’ll also learn about green and sustainable bookings here.

Natural Stone Institute – Here is where you can go to find general information such as how to care for, seal and select a contractor that can install natural stone. Not all companies are competent in choosing the right one, so it is important that you select one that is experienced in the field.

The Spruce- Guide to Natural Stone Flooring – Stone has a lot of different properties, thus it’s important that you know how to install and take care of it and other things related to its maintenance.

Kitchen and Bath Project Websites

These are the two most popular rooms in homes for renovations as they bring the most return on investment. Look at general renovation sites for most how-to information on construction.

This Old House – Kitchen Remodel – Lots of advice here on topics such as what to splurge and what not to splurge on, what you can renovate on your own if you’re so inclined and when to hire a contractor.

Architectural Digest – Kitchen Renovation Guide – Everything you need to know about renovating your kitchen is here, including information on how to shop for items such tile, plumbing and cabinet hardware to selecting contractors. There’s also a selection of Architectural Digest’s favorite design ideas.

Lowe’s – Sure it’s a big box store, but it has a lot of useful information if you’re going to do the job on your own. Here you’ll get photos, design ideas and product information, of course, along with practical information such as how to install a backsplash and how to make kitchen cabinet replacement doors.

House Logic – DIY Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget – If you’re working with limited funds to accomplish a kitchen remodel, this is the site for you. Learn how you can stretch your budget and still remodel your kitchen in five steps.

Kitchens.com – This is another comprehensive website with information on common layouts, trends, designs, product guide and even a find-a-pro tool, all in an easy-to-use dropdown menu style to point you in the right direction.

The Balance – Steps to Remodeling Your Kitchen – This is more of an article than a guide, but it gives you a step-by-step guide of how the remodeling process should go, especially if you are doing it on your own. You’ll also find some handy outbound links here that explain topics in more detail.

HGTV – Kitchen Remodel – HGTV is always a good place to start for inspiration. You’ll also find a selection of how-to videos on this portion of the website. Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom to check out the “Shortlist” with additional links and information.

Kitchen Bath Design News – This website is for consumers as well as designers. It covers everything for both rooms and includes expert advice on the latest technology, product trends, videos and more.

New Life Bath & Kitchen – This California-based contractor offers readers lots of information in its blog, including how to article such as choosing counters and faucets, trends and similar topics. It’s great for general information or for inspiration if you don’t know where to start.

Drury Designs – Visit this site if you really want to be on the cutting edge of bathroom design. This Chicago-based company deals in higher-end bathrooms, however, the blog has lots of information and can give you inspiration for your own projects.

Modern Bathroom – Head straight to the blog for information as this is a general product website. The editors post anywhere from 4four to six articles per month covering tips and tricks, remodeling for safety reasons, cleaning hacks, etc.

Metropolitan Bath and Tile – This Washington, D.C.-area supplier and contractor has an extensive list of articles that will provide you with information, advice and how-to tips for a wide range of bath topics.

Full Home Living – Best Bathroom Remodeling & Design Books – Would you rather have a book in front of you for reference? Technically, most of the offerings here are magazines that will give you ideas, designs, upgrades and how-to information.

Decks and Porches

As an extension of your home, a deck can provide you with an extension of your outdoor living space, and as such, they have unique needs when it comes to construction, remodeling and repair.

Home Advisor – Decks and Porches – The Resource Center of this cost estimate website has numerous articles including a step-by-step guide on how to build a deck. Articles are organized by popularity, but a better way to navigate the articles is to click on the construction guide and view additional topics on the right side of that page.

InspectAPedia – Guide to Safe Porch & Deck Construction – Don’t let the look of InspectAPedia put you off as there is lot of valuable information here. This guide details safety, permits, construction practices and more with many outbound links.

Decks.com – sponsored by Trex, so naturally, you’ll get some plugs for the company’s deck products. If you’re intent on building your own deck, this website literally covers everything from footings to coverings. Free design software is another perk on this website.

Popular Mechanics – How to Build a Deck – Popular Mechanics is known for its how-to articles and this is one of its best. In addition to detailed instructions, you’ll find outbound links for more information.

The Balance Everyday – 9 Free Do-It-Yourself Deck Plans – If you’re confident but your construction skills and just want plans, this article gives you links to nine different deck plans that are free.

PlanitDIY – Deck Maintenance Wash & Repair – Step-by-step instructions along with a short video and photos. A list of tools needed, plus related information on maintenance are also available.

House Logic – Care and Maintenance of Your Deck – Roundup of annual maintenance chores that will keep your deck in good repair. Readers will also find related links at the bottom.

Home Tips – Decks and Porches – You’ll find construction and maintenance information here. This website isn’t the easiest to navigate, as you’ll often have to click one link after another to find the information you want.

Deck Maintenance and Repair Forum – This nifty site is more than just a forum. You’ll also find how-to-articles, plans and cost estimators, simply by clicking the buttons at the top of the home page.

The Family Handyman – Decks – One of the best sections of the Family Handyman website as it has loads of articles on both construction and maintenance. Articles are easy to find too.

Landscaping, Gardens and Yards

Hardscapes, backyard entertainment spaces, pools and simply selecting trees and plants are all part of designing your home’s exterior.

University of Minnesota Extension – Learn everything you want to know about plants and the environment here. Especially helpful are the websites diagnostic tools that help you determine what kind of insect or disease problems you may have.

The Garden Continuum – Landscape design, installation and gardening advice for homeowners who care about the environment. Navigate the blog posts by topic on the right side of the page.

Turf – Primarily targeted toward industry professionals, Turf has all kinds of landscape design and build information that homeowners will find useful. The website details the latest trends and innovations in design, hardscape, construction and irrigation.

Green Island Design – This Long Island landscape design and construction company has an active blog that covers the gamut of the home landscaping experience. You’ll find specialized information here on carpentry and masonry, outdoor rooms, poolscapes, plants and more.

The Lawn Institute – Basic information in an easy-to-find format about grass, mowing, fertilizers, how to establish a lawn, etc. Think of it as Everything-You-Want-to-Know-About-Grass and more. The website includes a glossary and a section on helpful hints.

Home Design, Ideas and Decorating

What are the latest trends and, more importantly, are they in your budget. Find out by browsing these websites.

Apartment Therapy – It’s not just for apartment dwellers but for anyone living in a small space. Access designs, projects, organizing and cleaning, videos and more from the buttons at the top.

Decor 8 – Decorating, design and lifestyle come together in this weekly blog. The emphasis here is on how to improve your life. Read the latest articles or click on categories.

DigsDigs – This comprehensive website has lots of photos and an emphasis on DIY projects. Look here if you want creative ideas for the kids in your life.

Home and Design – Another comprehensive website that covers design, furniture, carpeting, lighting, architecture and more. It’s heavy on photos and has an emphasis on upscale, celebrity lifestyle.

HomeDit – Like many other design sites, HomeDit covers a broad range of topics, but it does so with a difference. This site seeks out what is fun and unique, especially in DIY articles.

Ideal Home – this online magazine has a lot of great photos. Find your design inspiration by room, which includes a dedicated section on children’s rooms. There’s also an advice section with articles on DIY and decorating, care and cleaning, buying guides and how-to tutorials.

What Site Are We Missing?

You know as well as we do, that there are MANY more great home improvement websites out there on the web; you might even run one of them yourself! If so, please send us a message and let us know. We’ll research the site and see if it fits within the guide of adding the site to our list.