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Compare Costs for Plumbing Repairs and Installation at Home

If you’re a homeowner, you know that the water and drain systems need to work in your home. The plumbing section of Costimates helps you explore the prices and costs you can expect to pay when the plumbing breaks. Whether its a water heater installation or simply cleaning a clogged drain, you’ll find our cost guides can help.

old bathtub and shower
Compare Bathtub Replacement Cost $2,190, Installed The estimated cost to replace a bathtub and shower is around $975 for a 60" fiberglass or acrylic resin
natural gas appliance
The cost to have a natural gas appliance installed or connected to the gas line by a local plumber is around $150-$200. This includes connection
gas line running a gas stove with flames showing
The cost to install a natural gas line to a new appliance runs an average of $24 per linear foot. The price range is between
gas meter with several gas lines installed
It costs around $115 to hire a plumber to remove a natural gas line. Homeowners who pay attention to safety issues can do it themselves
new gas line and gas meter installed on home
The cost to install a natural gas line from the main to a meter on your home runs an average of $20 per linear foot.
gas line shut off valve installed on furnace
The cost of installing a gas line shut off valve to an appliance or furnace, costs around $450 installed by a local Plumber. The price
new chrome kitchen faucet
Kitchen Faucet Replacement Cost $225 Installed The average cost to install a new kitchen sink faucet is around $110 for DIY faucet replacement. If hiring
new sump pump
How Much Does a Sump Pump Cost? $450, Installed The cost to have a sump pump installed or replaced vary based on needs. If it's
tank style conventional water heater
How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Hot Water Heater? $1,350 Installed The average cost to replace your tank-style conventional water heater is around
tankless water heater installed
Tankless water heaters cost about $850 for an electric model and up to $4,400 for a whole-house gas tankless unit. Most homeowners pay $900-$3,800 for
hot water heater expansion tank cost
The cost to install a water heater expansion tank ranges from $55 and up for DIY installation, to about $350 when a pro is hired.
well pressure switch being replaced
The cost to have a well pump pressure switch replaced in your well pump, ranges from $65 for a DIY job and $225 for professional
old well water pump with a bucket
Review the cost of having a well pump replaced. Covers DIY as well as professional removal and installation costs.
whole house water filtered water in glass
Explore the cost of a whole house water filter system for your home. Retail prices, installation costs, do-it-yourself pricing and more.