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Landscaping Costs and Other Outdoor Project Cost Estimates

Everyone has a yard that they want to look and keep properly maintained. In this section of the Costimates website, we’ll focus on the cost of outdoor and landscaping projects you might have to have done around your home. Whether you’re aerating your lawn, putting sod down, installing a sprinkler system or just building a planter, we’ll help you understand the costs.

Compare Drip Irrigation Cost
Compare Drip Irrigation System Costs $320, Installed The average cost of a drip irrigation system is around $80-$100 for 100 feet of watering, when you
drainage ditch for french drain
How Much Does a French Drain Cost? $12 - $32 Per Foot The cost to have a 2 foot deep french drain installed around the
raking leaves near a table with pumpkins in fall cleanup
Fall Cleanup and Leaf Removal Cost $240 - $300 for Leaf, Gutters and 1/4 Acre Yard The average cost to have a 1/4 acre yard
lawn sprinkler irrigation system watering yard
Sprinkler Systems and Lawn Irrigation Costs $3,160 Installed on 1/4 Acre The average cost of a lawn sprinkler system is $3,160 for a professionally installed
new outdoor gas firepit
You can build a gas fire pit for an average cost of $535 when doing it yourself. To have a landscaper do the job, the
red brick patio with bench
You can have a brick patio installed for an average cost of around $18 per square foot when you hire a landscaper to do the
stamped concrete patio in backyard with lounge chairs
Installing a stamped concrete patio or concrete pad costs an average of $16 per square foot when installed by a concrete company near you. Around
crushed stone gravel patio with chairs and table
A crushed stone or gravel patio or garden area costs around $8-12 per square foot installed. The cost is primarily based on patio size, material
worker setting brick stone pavers for new patio
Expect to pay between $10 to $17 per square foot for a stone paver patio with professional installation by a landscaper. The cost varies based
stump grining machine at work
Tree Stump Removal Cost $135 / Stump Average The average cost to have a stump removed with a stump grinding machine is around $135 for
Man cuts down the tree with chainsaw
How Much Does it Cost to Cut Down a Tree? $285 - $650 Per Tree The cost to have a tree cut down and removed
crewman trimming tree and chipping branches
Compare Tree Trimming Costs $320, 25-30 Foot Tall Tree The average cost to trim branches from a 25-30 foot tall tree is around $320 when
Cost to Hire a Landscaper for Seasonal Yard Cleanup
Most homeowners pay $450 to $1,500 for spring yard cleanup of a ¼ acre to ½ acre lawn and garden, depending on the services provided.