Split Rail Fence Cost Calculator

On this page of Costimates, you can calculate the cost to replace or install a 2 or 3 rail wooden split rail fence at your home. If you’d like to learn more about what goes into the cost of split rail fences, visit the split rail fence costs page for a much more indepth breakdown and a copy of this price calculator directly on the page.

Cost Calculator for Privacy Fences

Split Rail Fence Price Calculator

Split Rail Fence Options and Installation

Now, lets walk through the installation details to add gates and other options like galvanized wire mesh, that are commonly built into split rail fences.
How Many Gates Do You Need?
Gates for split rail fence are most often built to match your type of fence. A walkway would have 1, 4' gate. A driveway gate would include 2, 4' gates that latch in the middle.
Add Wire Mesh?
Wire mesh keeps your pets safely inside, as well as deterring other animals from coming in to your yard.
Pro Installation or DIY? *
Do You Plan to Rent Tools?
Renting tools from the local hardware store can make the DIY installation much easier. Cost is per-day.
Additional Considerations *
Check all that apply
Based on the information you entered, the cost of a split rail fence will be within the price ranges below. This calculated cost includes supplies (Fence rails, posts, concrete, wire, accessories, etc), installation if selected, local permits, utility locating, and property survey to locate your exact property lines.