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Gas Furnace Replacement Costs

How Much Does a New Gas Furnace Cost? $2,990 – $4,360 Installed Expect to pay between $2,990 to $4,360 for a local HVAC company to replace a standard efficiency, 60,000 – 80,000 btu furnace only, with no other HVAC components being replaced. Average Gas Furnace Replacement and Installation Costs The average cost to replace an …

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picture of suspended drop ceiling being installed

Compare Drop Ceiling Costs

Learn about the cost of acoustical drop ceilings in your home. Includes retail pricing for materials & installation cost.

whole house humidifier installed to HVAC

Compare Whole House Humidifier Cost

Whole House Humidifier Cost $525, Installed The average installed cost of a whole house humidifier is $525, with the unit tied into your central HVAC duct system. Most homeowners spend between $235 and $715 for evaporative humidifiers. Steam humidifiers cost $675 to $1,500 installed. Average DIY $320 Average Pro $525 Typical Range $400 –  $650 …

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home improvement websites for everyone

Best Home Improvement Websites

101 of The Best Home Improvement Websites for Homeowners! The Internet is a huge place with hundreds of home improvement websites, chock full of great information. Since search engines don’t always get it right, we put the 101 of the best home improvement websites on this page for you to save, bookmark, share and enjoy. …

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two new heat pump system cost estimate

Compare Heat Pump System Cost

Heat Pump System Costs $5,435 Installed The average cost to replace a 2.5-ton split system 14 SEER heat pump and indoor coil is approximately $5,435 installed. Cost increases for larger heat pumps and when additional components are also replaced. Average DIY (Not Recommended) $2,440 Average Pro $5,435 Typical Range $4,270 – $6,815 Low End $1,680 …

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Expensive Home Repair Projects

10 Expensive Home Repair Projects You Can’t Avoid Planning ahead for unexpected home repairs is a must for every homeowner. The article below contains a list of the most expensive home repairs you’ll face as a homeowner. Owning a home comes with a myriad of responsibilities. In addition to doing everyday chores, paying the utilities …

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natural gas home backup generator

Compare Home Backup Generator Costs

Whole House Generator Cost $4,500 – $6,900 Installed The average cost to install a 7.5 – 10kw natural gas or propane whole house backup generator with automatic transfer switch is around $5,900. For a 30kw generator, expect to pay $14,000 or more. Average DIY $740 (5kw) Average Pro $5,860 (8kw) Typical Range $4,500 – $6,900 …

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