Cost Estimates for Home Improvement Projects

Latest Home Improvement and Repair Project Cost Estimates

crushed stone gravel patio with chairs and table
A crushed stone or gravel patio or garden area costs around $8-12 per square foot installed. The cost is primarily based on patio size, material used and how difficult the excavation is.
red brick patio with bench
You can have a brick patio installed for an average cost of around $18 per square foot when you hire a landscaper to do the project. For DIY'ers, you can get as low as $8/sqft doing it yourself.
keyless door lock installed on entry door
It will cost around $310 per lock to install keyless door locks in your home. This price includes purchasing the keyless lock and having it installed by a handyman or locksmith.
wheelchair ramp on the side of a deck
A handicap ramp cost between $90 - $175 per linear foot. Prices are based on the length and design of the ramp, the materials used, and whether or not a contractor is hired to do the job. 
gas line shut off valve installed on furnace
The cost of installing a gas line shut off valve to an appliance or furnace, costs around $450 installed by a local Plumber. The price range is $300 to $750, depending on needs.
gas meter with several gas lines installed
It costs around $115 to hire a plumber to remove a natural gas line. Homeowners who pay attention to safety issues can do it themselves for less than $20 in parts if they already have basic tools.
new outdoor gas firepit
You can build a gas fire pit for an average cost of $535 when doing it yourself. To have a landscaper do the job, the average cost goes up to $950, not including the patio it's built on.
new gas line and gas meter installed on home
The cost to install a natural gas line from the main to a meter on your home runs an average of $20 per linear foot. The price range is between $15 to $25 per foot depending on several factors.
newly installed crown molding around ceiling corner
To have most crown moldings installed by a professional costs $8.00 to $18.00 per linear foot. At this average crown molding cost range, you pay about $1,040 to do a 20x20 room.
carpenter installing baseboard moldings
The average cost of a floor and baseboard molding job done by a contractor is between $5.75 to $9.00 per linear foot. Materials for a DIY install cost between $1.35-$4.50 per linear foot..
new flooring with trim molding installed
The most commonly used quarter-round wood trim costs $0.70- $2.65 per linear foot, but DIY price for the project might be higher than that if you need to purchase tools and fasteners.
natural gas appliance
The cost to have a natural gas appliance installed or connected to the gas line by a local plumber is around $150-$200. This includes connection of gas stoves, gas ranges or water heaters.

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